SKY Perfect JSAT airs soccer game at 4K

Japanese satellite operator, SKY Perfect JSAT, has demonstrated a live satellite transmission at 4K resolution of a J-League soccer match.

For the demonstration, aired Oct. 20, SKY Perfect JSAT used the DVB-S2 modulation at 120 Mb/s. The sportscast was shown on a 29ft screen at the Odaiba Cinema Mediage movie complex. The system being trialled is expected to find markets for public viewing of events and sports.

The transmission used AVC encoding, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160, and scanning at 59.94P. The 120Mb/s video stream was modulated via 32APSK, FEC 3/4 resulting in a bandwidth of 35.8MHz, and transmitted via Ku band over the JCSAT-5A satellite (132 degrees E). 

The 4K pictures came from the Astrodesign AH-4413 camera system and Canon EOS-C500 cameras with the RAW signal processed via an Astrodesign camera control unit. Astrodesign viewfinders, SSD recorders, waveform monitoring and 4K LCD monitors and transport stream MUX supported the sportscast.