Harris Broadcast supports new Infinity TV Abu Dhabi channel launches

Infinity TV has launched two new channels from its home on the TwoFour54 campus in Abu Dhabi, with the help of a complete workflow and infrastructure system from Harris Broadcast. The family entertainment channels went on air from the new facility on Dec. 15, 2012.

The new installation at Infinity TV includes a master control suite and an automated playout facility, all based on Harris Broadcast equipment. The system includes Harris Broadcast automation, servers, branding, routing and monitoring equipment.

Harris Broadcast ADC automated content management and distribution manages playout of the new Infinity TV channels, controlling Nexio servers. ADC also manages traffic between Harris Broadcast near-line storage to maximize efficiency, minimize bandwidth constraints and ensure that scheduled content is securely delivered to the playout suite in advance. IconLogo and IconMaster products support various master control tasks, from on-air channel branding to the design of graphics and promotional sequences.

In the master control room signal processing and management is handled by 6800+ modular devices and a Panacea router. Operators monitor all activity throughout the complete station workflow using HView Predator GX-II multiviewers.