OmniTek inks deal with Media Matters

Media Matters will now use a bespoke version of OmniTek's OmniView multi-format digital waveform monitor and signal analyzer package.

Once OmniView (as the signal analyzer) has gathered the metadata, it is then output in the desired file format either alongside the actual converted media (MXF) or as a separate XML file. The information gathered from OmniView also dictates how the material is processed. All this is fully automated.

Media Matters, an archival audiovisual consulting and technology company is currently in the process of developing and manufacturing the first of its SAMMA units - the System for the Automated Migration of Media Archives. The system will use robotics and customized software and hardware to migrate large quantities of audio and video material at any given time without compromising the quality and integrity of the originals.

Each SAMMA unit will be customized to the exact specifications for the task based on the input and output requirements. The unit will then be shipped to the site where the automated features will speed up the migration process. Each SAMMA unit can handle up to 15 tapes in a row without human intervention. It can supply four streams of video or audio.

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