In-Stat: File Multiformat Transcoding Market Grew 72 Percent in 2010

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.: New devices and new formats will drive the number of profiles required to be generated by multiformat transcoders upward, In-Stat says. While processor and product improvements will enable more from each transcoder, they will not be enough to keep up with the demand, requiring purchases of more capability. In-Stat research reports that the file multiformat transcoder market grew at 72 percent clip in 2010 due to the growth in multiscreen services from content providers and pay-TV service providers, and forecasts that worldwide revenue for both live and file multiformat transcoders will continue strong growth over the forecast period.

“Service providers and content providers are the main customers for these products,” said In-Stat’s Michelle Abraham. “While there are similarities in their product needs such as video quality, there are also differences in density and the need to keep packaging together with transcoding. And while the file transcoding market experienced the most growth in 2010, we expect multiformat transcoders for live streaming to show the most growth over the next five years.”

Recent In-Stat research found the following:
~ The multiscreen services are primarily being launched in the Americas and EMEA.
~ The expectations for TV Everywhere have brought new vendors to the market in 2011, including Arris, Imagine Communications, and Thomson Video Networks.
~ Multiformat transcoder revenue will surpass $460 million in 2015.
~ As service providers begin using multiformat transcoders in place of real-time broadcast encoders to process the signal to the TV, In-Stat expects to see even more profiles used.