IBC2006 New Product Preview

Artec Technologies XBL Broadcast Logger & XentauriX

Artec Tecnologies will be launching two new products, the XBL Broadcast Logger and the XentauriX IPTV platform.

With the XBL Broadcast Logger, users can record multiple video and audio sources with metadata such as closed captions, EPG and teletext. Hardware capacity determines the duration of recording, whether 30/60/90 or more days. The system supports analog, digital and DVB-S inputs and can be operated via a network and Web browser. Clip formats include Windows Media 9, MPEG-2, Real and 3G.

XentauriX is a Microsoft TV/IPTV-compatible media control and management platform that combines live streaming, server-end recording and parallel integration of metadata. Users can track TV broadcasts through means as diverse as set-top boxes, computers, handhelds and cell phones. Recordings may be played back even while transmission is still occurring.

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Autoscript Voice-Plus, W17 and W17 HD/SD monitors

Autoscript will be introducing Voice-Plus, which eliminates the need for manual control of the teleprompter by using voice-activation technology to automatically scroll the teleprompt in time with the voice of the talent. Voice-Plus allows the ability to freely walk in the studio and cuts the need for an operator or training on the equipment. The solution is an add-on module to Autoscript’s WinPlus software.

Also new from Autoscript are the W17 and W17 HD/SD monitors, which are the industry’s first widescreen on-air talent monitors. The W17 auto-senses NTSC, PAL, SECAM, S-VideoBelden Brilliance Cables

Belden will be demonstrating their Brilliance range of broadcast coax cables, designed for maximum bandwidth, minimum return loss and minimum attenuation loss. The cables are suited for both analog and digital video applications and their performance has been expanded from 3 to 4.5 GHz. Independent testing recently assessed the HD performance of these coxes in a TV studio, with results in return loss, attenuation and maximum cable run on HD surpassing even those claimed by Belden.

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Brick House Video Proteus-R

Proteus-R, a rack-mounted version of the portable Proteus-P standards converter, will be added to Brick House Video's range of full broadcast specification standards converters. The 1RU Proteus-R features a larger display, extended navigation controls and separate audio source and selection indication.

In addition to the connections that can be found on the Proteus-P, this version adds XLR connectors for AES audio as well as a universal AC power supply.

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Calrec Audio Bluefin for Sigma

Calrec Audio will be unveiling Bluefin High Density Signal Processing for Sigma digital consoles, enabling the desk to manage 320 fully equipped mono equivalent channels, packaged as 108 stereo and 104 mono, and configurable up to 52 full 5.1 surround channels.

Bluefin also boosts Sigma's bussing structure, giving it the capabilities of a classic Alpha,including 20 auxiliaries and 48 multitrack outputs. Bluefin also introduces almost 20 minutes of audio delay that can be used anywhere in the audio path.

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Crystal Vision TANDEM HD & HD Distribution Amplifers

TANDEM HD is a flexible board that can be configured to be used as either an embedder or a de-embedder for one or two groups of analog or digital audio. The functionality is defined by input and output piggyback modules that fix on to the 100mm x 266mm motherboard. One piggyback is used for one audio group and two piggybacks for two groups, meaning the user needs only to purchase more piggybacks in order to transform the console. A 16 x 8 mono router provides full channel shuffling

Also new from Crystal Vision are six manually-controlled multi-standard distribution amplifiers, with options of relocking or non-relocking and five or eleven outputs. The two relocking models are more expensive but provide better jitter performance with long cable inputs and automatic detection of the incoming signal. The four non-relocking models are more cost-effective and suitable when the input signal is traveling only a short distance. Of these four, two are available in HD or SDI versions and the remaining two are also compatible with DVB-ASI.

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Dielectric MobileMedia Products, FLEXLine Cables and FlashTech 324 Tower Lighting

Dielectric will have on display their 700-MHz MobileMedia antennas and filters, engineered for the 1.67-GHz spectrum. The new MobileMedia mask filter with less than .3 percent bandwidth uses a pseudo-elliptic design with high Q dielectric resonators. They also have a complete range of FM antennas and filter products, including single-station, multi-station, and panel-antenna options, accompanied by a variety of combiners and filter products. The TUA Mid-Power Panel is the medium-power offering in their TU Series antenna product line.

FLEXLine air dielectric coaxial cable is available in 7/8" through 6-1/8" line sizes and features Dielectric's patented precision fitted connectors, while the foam version is available in 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", and 1-5/8" sizes. Both configurations feature copper inner conductors, a highly closed-cell foamed polyethylene insulator, an oxygen-free copper corrugated outer conductor and polyethylene jackets.

The FlashTech 324 medium-intensity tower lighting system has a white strobe for daytime operation and a red strobe for night, and each unit includes a photocell that senses changes in the level of ambient light and triggers the power converter to switch its mode accordingly.

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DNF Controls Sequence Playout Option for 2044CL, DMAT-EZ Sports Controller & GTP-32 GPI Tally Processor

DNF Controls has made the 2044CL Instant Access Clip Controller even more powerful with the addition of a Sequence Playout Option, which adds to the button the ability to play out a sequence of up to 20 clips on one channel or across up to eight channels. Up to 30 sequence lists are supported with the option, and may be saved for future recall.

Instant replays and highlight list creation are handled with the ease of a VTR using the DMAT-EZ Sports Controller, which lets users simply and quickly mark in and out points on a list, then play it out seamlessly. 100 cue points and 10 playlists of 20 elements each are supported.

GTP-32 GPI Tally Processor (formerly the Tally Interface Box) eliminates the need for custom-made black boxes. The Combinatorial Logic feature monitors multiple GPIs and tallies, and then turns bugs and logo inserters on/off based on user-entered conditions. Input or output configurations and signal conditioning settings are changed via a table, rather than physically, and GPIs and tallies may be monitored and GPOs controlled over LAN, WAN, VPN or the Internet.

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Livewire Digital M-Link Voyager H.264 & M-Link IP-Reporter H.264

Livewire's M-Link Voyager H.264 and M-Link IP-Reporter H.264 newsgathering acquisition tools provide broadcast-quality video via satellite, mobile and IP networks. The two products can be used with the Inmarsat satellite terminals (BGAN, GAN, Fleet) or the Internet, and over networks such as VSAT, ISDN, DSL, Wi-Fi, GPRS or 3G.

The Voyager offers PAL and NTSC video at the native frame rates (25/29.97fps), with live playout through SDI using the M-Link Exchange receiver. IP-Reporter H.264 is a cost-effective means for sending video from the field to the newsroom quickly and efficiently. Both solutions are software-based and can run on any notebook with FireWire.

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