Grass Announces New Support Agreement Portfolio

SAN FRANCISCO: Grass Valley has announced a new Support Agreement portfolio designed to keep systems running and to help customers plan for their long-term maintenance needs. The new portfolio will be managed by the Grass Valley Global Services division.

Aengus Linehan The new Support Agreements are designed to enhance the standard Grass Valley warranty with cohesive global support processes to ensure a consistent experience when interacting with Grass Valley call centers or when issues are escalated. Grass Valley provides global access to call centers, global technical phone support, advance parts exchange, and software updates.

Grass Valley Global Services now offers three distinct Support Agreements types:

Basic: This Support Agreement provides the same level of services as the standard warranty, plus basic response time commitments. It focuses on non-critical environments, where the customer's priority is access to parts replacement and software updates.

Elite: With a focus on uptime requirements, as well as a future-proofing, the Elite Support Agreement provides 24x7 technical phone support with a guaranteed four-hour response time for critical cases. Elite support also provides advance parts exchange and free software updates and upgrades.

Custom: When operational needs require a unique mix of responsiveness, resources, and preparedness, Grass Valley Global Services will work one-on-one with customers to craft a customized Support Agreement with features such as hardware migration, on-site critical parts stock, critical response times, dedicated permanent staff at the customer's premises, third-party product support, and much more.

"Our new Support Agreement portfolio is now more balanced and in-tune with what our customers have been asking for—two distinct and easy to understand levels of service, with the ability to customize any Support Agreement for any situation," said Aengus Linehan, Senior Vice President of Global Services for Grass Valley. "While Grass Valley support has always been second to none, our new Support Agreement portfolio allows us to better serve both our existing customers and new customers looking to simplify their maintenance needs.”

Grass Valley Global Services also offers additional services to help customers maximize their return on investment, including a suite of Preventive, Optimization, and Educational services that offer a variety of features and options to ensure operational efficiency, financial predictability, and risk mitigation.

More information on the new Support Agreement portfolio can be found on the Grass Valley website, at: