Front Porch to Bring LYNX Storage Solutions to IBC

Front Porch Digital LYNX Front Porch Digital will be on the exhibition floor with LYNX an enterprise-scale cloud implementation of content storage management. LYNX delivers adaptable on-demand scalability, reduces capital and operational costs, helping media organizations manage assets. LYNX leverages the latest cloud and Web technologies to provide a range of networked and distributed solutions.

At IBC2012, the company will introduce LYNXdr and LYNXlocal for the first time in Europe. LYNXdr is a hosted disaster recovery (DR) service that allows global media enterprises to centralize critical assets and consolidate operations. LYNXlocal is a simple extension to LYNX that operates locally as an appliance, caching cloud content and providing integration to specialist systems if needed. LYNXlocal is billed as a service element at a low monthly rate.

Stand: 7.C16