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Chyron Unveils New Management Interface

Chyron Corporation is unveiling plans for an order management interface that will expand the company’s graphics solutions for creation, management and playout.

Chyron’s Order Management System (OMS), part of the company’s interFuse technology workflow package, extends functionality in the CAMIO graphics management system. The new OMS is a natural extension to the previous integration with Proximity’s Xenotrack and Artbox systems. OMS is the next chapter in interFuse, Chyron’s new vision of a seamlessly integrated graphics workflow environment.

“Order Management is the next evolution of our CAMIO Asset Management product. Incorporating our OMS into a CAMIO newsroom environment gives producers all the graphic tools they need at their fingertips all within the Chyron Product line,” said Chyron CEO Michael Wellesley-Wesley.

The company’s OMS allows users to order graphics from a simple GUI in their newsroom client or any web browser. Users can track the status of their order, add comments, fulfill orders, verify the fulfilled asset is appropriate as well as reject work if it doesn’t fit the requirements, all from within this same intuitive GUI. OMS offers a completely flexible architecture to enable the status flow at each installation to be customized to the specific newsroom workflow requirements. Chyron’s OMS offering is also Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) aware.