Broadcast Pix Introduces Version 4 Software at NAB2006

Broadcast Pix Inc. comes to NAB2006 with Version 4, a new software version for the company’s unique switcher with integrated graphics and clips. Version 4 addresses the fact that live video production studios can be run by a single professional, a team, or a novice. With Version 4 software, any combination of these staffing models can create more dynamic live video than that produced by a conventional live studio comprised of individual components.

“You no longer need to spend a fortune assembling a control room and staffing it with a team to create compelling live video”, explained Broadcast Pix President Ken Swanton. “Our Version 4 software enables the one-man band to produce highly compelling video by taking full advantage of the graphics and clip systems built into the Broadcast Pix switcher. And Version 4 readily adapts to team use or even to use by a solo novice operator when needed.”

--For a solo operator using a Broadcast Pix control panel, Version 4 provides the reinforcement needed to create polished live video that requires a team to create on a conventional studio with a separate switcher, graphics, clips, etc. Version 4’s new GUI provides exceptional feedback from all parts of the integrated system with large thumbnails for sources, keys, graphics and clips, which dynamically follow whatever device is selected on the panel. Plus, the GUI now provides status information for all components, such as if a key has been repositioned, a clip been set to auto-start on transition, or an auxiliary output assignment. Clip time codes are displayed and can now be set to countdown.

--When a team is required for a more extensive production, the Version 4 GUI can be spread across multiple computer monitors, enabling separate operators for the switcher, graphics and clips.

--For someone new to video production, Version 4 offers a break-through in ease of use. Version 4 can be operated as an intuitive PixPanel, without using a hard-panel at all. In less than five minutes, a novice can learn to run the PixPanel to create surprisingly compelling productions by just clicking on the thumbnail of a source or key to bring it to air.

Version 4 software will be shown on all demo stands at the Broadcast Pix NAB booth (SL422), and it begins shipping in April pending.