Avid and Al Jazeera Go Global, Team on Cloud Tech

BURLINGTON, MASS.—Avid and Al Jazeera are continuing their strategic relationship with the signing of a Global Services Agreement and Global Product Call-Off Agreement. The pair have also announced a joint collaboration to develop and test cloud-based technology deployments of the end-to-end Avid newsroom system.

Avid is currently working with Al Jazeera on a long-term Avid Everywhere strategy for an open and integrated news workflow based on MediaCentral across its global news network. The next step of that process is the introduction of cloud-based capabilities into the Al Jazeera workflow and new hybrid cloud deployment models for its global news production infrastructure.

The infrastructure will be supported by the newly signed multi-year Global Services Agreement, which includes the supply of advanced services like system support, software maintenance and additional professional services tailored to Al Jazeera’s specific needs. The agreement also covers staff training on the technology’s latest features and functionality, as well as access to Avid Labs.

The Global Product Call-Off Agreement, meanwhile, offers Al Jazeera beneficial commercial conditions for all entities across its businesses worldwide. The agreement offers pre-negotiated pricing, terms and conditions.