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Atomos Acquires Timecode Systems

WORCESTER, England—Timecode Systems now falls under the Atomos banner with the news of Atomos’ acquisition of the wireless sync technology developer. A key part of this new partnership will be the development of integrated multicamera workflows of on-set recording devices.

Atomos founder and CEO Jeromy Young believes that Timecode Systems’ RF protocol will be the “bulletproof link” to help solve the disconnect between recording devices they see holding back multicamera content creation. “To truly shoot collaboratively, everything needs to work in perfect, frame-accurate sync—there has to be a robust wireless connection,” said Young.

The Timecode Systems wireless sync standard will now be featured across new editions of Atomos’ entire product range, as well as be packaged as a free SDK for third-party manufacturers. Among the first Atomos products to integrate Timecode Systems technology will be the AtomX Sync module for the Ninja V and the Neon series of monitors.

“Both companies have a history of executing successful collaborations with best-of-breed technology partners; this just takes it to a whole new level,” said Paul Scurrell, CEO and co-founder of Timecode Systems. “The impact is going be industry-changing.”