Andrew Setos Leaves Fox

LOS ANGELES: Andy Setos is leaving Fox, according to a report from The Wrap. The veteran broadcast engineer has a 23-year history with the company, serving as president of engineering for the Fox Group since 2002. The Wrap obtained access to a staff letter from a Fox executive announcing Setos’ departure. He elected not to renew his contract, the report said.

In addition to guiding Fox through the digital transition, the adoption of HD, content protection and standards issues, Setos sits on the Federal Communications Commission’s Technology Advisory Council. He participated in the commission’s Broadcast Engineering Forum last summer, delivering a roundtable consensus on the probable effect of channel-sharing as proposed in the National Broadband Plan.

Setos got his start in the business at WNET-TV in New York under Mal Albaum, who was director of engineering.

“They had a brain trust of young engineers, and it used to be said that between them they possessed the sum-total of human knowledge,” said Mark Schubin, engineer in charge at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Schubin met Setos at WNET. Chris Jorgensen, Kevin Hamburger, Ed Goldberg were part of that team, Schubin said.

Setos graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Columbia University of Engineering and Applied Science in 1971. After WNET, he joined Warner Amex, and later, went to Viacom as senior vice president of engineering. He became Fox’s first senior vice president of broadcast operations and engineering in 1988. He also is a Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

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