Wazee Digital and BASE Media Cloud drive cloud media access for Formula E

DENVER — March 13, 2018 — Wazee Digital, a leading provider of cloud-native video management and licensing services, and technical partner BASE Media Cloud, a U.K. company that offers a suite of ready-made cloud services for media companies, today announced their first joint customer: Formula E. Wazee Digital and BASE Media Cloud have combined their cloud-based services to give Formula E a breakthrough solution for making its media content instantly accessible to its production partners and broadcasters, both during and after international live race events.

"In our quest to reinvent racing with a new formula for the 21st century, and to position Formula E as the most innovative rights owner in the sports landscape, we choose to work with the industry's top technical partners," said Ali Russell, Director of Media and New Business at Formula E. "The combination of Wazee Digital and BASE Media Cloud, with their joint expertise in sports production and postproduction, is a perfect fit for us. Their experience with live event services and global broadcast distribution through Wazee Digital Media Hub provides Formula E with the perfect platform to provide instant access to our high-value content to our partners all over the world."

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the electric street racing series and the world's first fully electric international single-seater category in motorsport. Both Formula E and its host broadcast and digital production partners will use the Wazee Digital/BASE Media Cloud solution to upload, store, search, play, and deliver a broad range of media content seamlessly, including live race footage, program information, highlight programs and packages, video news releases, press material, promotional material, magazine shows, and archive content. Secure access will be provided to global media recipients, including domestic and international broadcasters, teams, sponsors, and event promotors.

The solution incorporates BASE Media Cloud's proven storage and Aspera platform, integrated seamlessly with a new, fully branded Wazee Digital Media Hub SaaS portal, to enable secure search, viewing, and syndication of Formula E's media assets — all from one easy-to-use, elegant Formula E-branded web interface. The joint design allows flexible, modular services to be added in the future as Formula E's requirements grow. As a 100 percent cloud-based offering, the solution provides a best-of-breed and highly resilient infrastructure, all-inclusive upgrades, and a dedicated U.K. support team.

"The collaboration between Wazee Digital and BASE Media Cloud gives Formula E the best of both worlds — Wazee Digital's fully integrated Amazon Web Services computing; sophisticated asset management workflows; and a self-branded, web-based access portal through Digital Media Hub that are paired with BASE Media Cloud's cost-effective and regionalized virtual-private-cloud storage, delivery, and cloud postproduction services," said David Candler, Senior Director, Customer Solutions for the U.K. and Europe at Wazee Digital. "Now Formula E has an affordable means of delivering its massive amount of content from an easy-to-use, easy-to-expand portal that everyone will recognize as Formula E's."

"By leveraging managed cloud services, customers are seeing huge cost savings compared with more traditional, physical management of content. BASE Media Cloud has provided cloud storage and award-winning Aspera delivery services for Formula E since 2015. We recently partnered with Wazee Digital to enhance the overall service offering by seamlessly integrating Wazee Digital's front-end application interface — Digital Media Hub — with the existing back-end services," said Ben Foakes, Managing Director, BASE Media Cloud. "Together we have worked closely with both Formula E and its host broadcast production partner, Aurora Media Worldwide, to understand existing and future requirements and to provide a robust SaaS solution that will grow with the business."

Digital Media Hub is a powerful, centralized, cloud-based solution that allows video content to be captured and made immediately available for global access, publishing, and syndication. Through Digital Media Hub's elegant user interface, customers can acquire, enhance, and distribute media gleaned from production, postproduction, and live-event environments.

BASE Media Cloud provides a collection of cutting-edge cloud storage and media software tools — such as cloud storage, file transfer, transcoding, and BeBop cloud editing — for meeting the increasing challenges brought about by the rising volumes of media files being acquired, processed, and delivered throughout the media-production process.

More information about Wazee Digital's products and services is available at www.wazeedigital.com. More information about BASE Media Cloud is available at www.base-mc.com. More information about the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is available at www.FIAFormulaE.com.

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About BASE Media Cloud

BASE Media Cloud is on a mission to help digital media companies work smarter and more cost-effectively by offering cutting edge cloud storage and media software tools, online and on-demand. BASE Media Cloud's team has decades of experience in the media industry, working across production, post and delivery. BASE Media Cloud's media industry-focused cloud solutions are built around world-class technology to provide clients with the highest security and quality of user experience, from anywhere, at any time.

About the ABB FIA Formula E Championship:

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the electric street racing series and the world's first fully-electric international single-seater category in motorsport. Formula E brings electrifying wheel-to wheel action to some of the world's leading cities, racing against the backdrop of iconic skylines such as New York, Hong Kong, Paris and Rome.

The inaugural season of Formula E sparked into life in September 2014 around the grounds of the Olympic Park in Beijing. The fourth edition of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship will see 10 teams and 20 drivers compete in 10 cities spanning five continents in the fight to be crowned champion. Hong Kong hosted the season-opener over the course of two days on December 2 & 3, with the championship coming to a close in New York in July.

Formula E is more than just a race to be the best - it's a competitive platform to test and develop road-relevant technologies, helping refine the design and functionality of electric vehicle components and speeding-up the transition and uptake of clean transportation on a global scale.

For this season, more manufacturers have joined the electric revolution with reigning champion Lucas di Grassi looking to defend his title behind the wheel of the Audi-backed ABT Schaeffler team. More big-name manufacturers have also committed to race in Formula E - including BMW and Nissan in tandem with the new-look car and battery in season five, along with Mercedes-Benz and Porsche who also plan to join the following year.

About Wazee Digital

Wazee Digital enables rights holders to monetize and enrich their valuable content. Wazee Digital's scalable solutions provide complete control over content so that assets reach their rightful audiences around the globe. It is the only asset management solution built from the ground up to run natively in the cloud, and the only one to make live moments available immediately for global publishing, syndication, advertising, and sponsorship. With more than 10 years of experience in digital content licensing, rights, and clearances, Wazee Digital has long-standing relationships with significant rights holders in the film, TV, sports, and advertising industries — all of whom rely on Wazee Digital for managing content that fuels their business.

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