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New Products for the 2013 NAB Show:

FORK(TM) 4.0 Production Suite

At the 2013 NAB Show, Primestream(R) will be exhibiting FORK(TM) 4.0, the newest version of its acclaimed FORK Production Suite for managing and automating broadcast workflows. With new modules, features, technological improvements, and integration with third-party broadcast solutions such as Avid(R) Media Composer(R), Adobe(R) Premiere Pro(R), hardware such as Harmonic(R) MediaGrid, Quantum(R) archiving solutions and end-to-end workflows with Cisco(R) Unified Computing System (UCS), FORK 4.0 is even more responsive, powerful, extendable, and adept at managing large-scale and multisite installations. New modules include the customizable FORK Logger(TM) metadata-tagging tool that allows for logging live and prerecorded video as well as improvements to FORK's underlying technology -- such as FORK Drones(TM), dynamic metadata forms, and scripts.

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FORK(TM) Logger 1.0

The new FORK(TM) Logger 1.0 by Primestream(R) is a cross-platform module part of the acclaimed FORK Production Suite 4.0. The powerful metadata-tagging tool allows for logging live or prerecorded video with a tightly integrated and configurable user interface. FORK Logger 1.0 enables content loggers to tag video with defined metadata into the FORK environment effortlessly, making assets easier to manage, automate, and monetize.

The heart of FORK Logger 1.0 is a dynamic GUI that contains form panels, button panels, video viewers, marker thumbnail lists, and a bin list of created events, all of which are tools that can be combined -- many in a dynamic way -- based on the content. FORK Logger supports multiple layouts per system. Users can work live with ingesting feeds or call up existing clips inside FORK. With FORK Logger 1.0, users can log video files so that they can be searched, filtered, and organized by any metadata entry inside FORK Content Navigator(TM).

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FORK(TM) Xchange(TM) Suite 2.0

Primestream(R) will exhibit version 2.0 of FORK(TM) Xchange(TM) Suite, an application that gives broadcasters instant Web access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows(R), Mac(R), or tablet device. FORK Xchange Suite 2.0, an add-on to Primestream's highly acclaimed FORK software platform for managing and automating broadcast workflows, contains new capabilities for creating subclips and markers, as well as an upload manager, extended metadata functionality, multitrack audio control, and more new features that make it easier for media enterprises to manage content efficiently among multiple FORK Production sites.

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Dig-IT(TM) 1.0

At the 2013 NAB Show, Primestream(R) will debut Dig-IT(TM) 1.0, a server-based software application that empowers broadcast, government, entertainment, and corporate IT departments to monitor their broadcast IT operations. The application can monitor individual servers in addition to the FORK Suite of applications, making it easy for IT administrators to manage any kind of broadcast-related IT activity. Facilities can monitor mission critical servers and applications, quickly identify performance bottlenecks, recover and prevent from system failures, and reduce downtime and operational costs.

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Enhanced for the 2013 NAB Show:

Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro Integration At the 2013 NAB Show, Primestream(R) will demonstrate the enhanced level of integration of FORK(TM) with both Adobe(R) Premiere(R) Pro and the new Adobe Creative Suite(R) Production Premium on Windows(R) and Mac OS(R) X. Using a newly developed panel, Premiere Pro users are able to search and browse the FORK media asset database with speed; select clips, bins, or timelines created in the FORK Editor; and simply drag those items into a Premiere Pro project. When an edited sequence is complete, users can send the project -- ready for air -- to FORK or into a newsroom system placeholder.

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Company Quote:

"NAB attendees will see the latest version of our FORK Production Suite, which has evolved to enable content owners to create content better and faster -- then deliver it to the widest range of screens and destinations. Our new FORK Logger is a highly configurable, completely customizable, user-friendly application built inside FORK for quick and accurate metadata tagging. FORK Xchange Suite lets producers and editors manage and control their production workflows from anywhere. FORK's new workflow integration with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro brings editing to a level of functionality that surpasses anything we've had with other video editing solutions."

-- Claudio Lisman, Primestream president and CEO

Company Overview:

Primestream(R) offers broadcast IT solutions that together form a seamless end-to-end platform for digital acquisition of live and file-based content, media asset management, editing, on-air graphics, logging, control room playback, smartphone and tablet video contribution, multiscreen live and on-demand streaming services, publishing to social media sites, and dynamic archiving. The company's portfolio includes the FORK(TM) suite of applications, as well as Xchange(TM) Suite, Mobile2Air(R), and ControlStation(TM). Proven and in use by more than 300 broadcast operations in 40 countries, Primestream solutions empower media companies to implement automated workflows that free human resources to do what they do best -- create.

Visit Primestream at for more information about FORK software solutions.