_wige SOLUTIONS purchases Kahuna 9600 for new mobile production unit

Leading German broadcast facilities company, _wige SOLUTIONS GmbH, has purchased a Snell Kahuna 9600 production switcher for a new mobile production unit that will soon be joining its extensive fleet. Based in Meuspath, Germany, _wige SOLUTIONS has been supplying complete outside broadcast event services for over 25 years; this will be the sixth Snell switcher the company has purchased for its OB operations. The new mobile production unit, consisting of modular components to provide maximum flexibility, will be completed in spring 2015 and provide more broadcast possibilities than a conventional OB van.

The Kahuna 9600 is the flagship of the new Snell Kahuna production switcher range which was launched at IBC 2014. The new Kahuna 4800, 6400 and 9600 production switchers offer more firepower and flexibility than ever before with added 4K capabilities across the entire range. The new range also benefits from an enhanced feature set, including more power for Mix Effects (M/E) functionality and enhanced DVE resize engines, enabling chromakey capabilities on all keyers and 2.5D DVE on all models in the range.

"Although we are very satisfied with the five Kahuna switchers we already use, we looked hard at all the latest offerings across the market before selecting the new Kahuna 9600 for our portfolio," said Thomas Schäfer, _wige SOLUTIONS Technical Director. "As well as its ability to handle all production formats, the Kahuna 9600 gives us both the power and the flexibility we need to add more M/Es as required. Its compact mainframe is also a real plus in saving valuable real-estate."

"_wige SOLUTIONS has built its reputation on delivering quality and reliability and I'm delighted that it has once again chosen Snell technology to be at the heart of its latest Production Unit," said Robert Rowe, managing director of Live TV at Snell. "The added performance and 4K capabilities of the new Kahuna range ensure that our customers are able to future-proof their infrastructures and productions for whatever the future brings."