Sonnet's Award-Winning xMac(TM) mini Server Expansion System Now Offers USB 3.0 Support

1U Rack Enclosure for Mac(R) mini and Thunderbolt(TM) Expansion System for PCIe(R) Cards Upgraded to Support Newest Mac mini Computers 

IRVINE, Calif. -- Oct. 31, 2012 -- Sonnet today announced that its xMac(TM) mini Server, a combination PCI Express(R) (PCIe(R)) 2.0 expansion system and 1U rackmount enclosure for Mac(R) mini computers with Thunderbolt(TM) ports, is now USB 3.0-compatible. This innovative Sonnet product connects to the Mac mini's Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI(R), and USB interfaces and extends them to panel-mounted connectors on the front and back of the unit. With the introduction of USB 3.0 ports on the newest Mac mini computers and the required use of USB 3.0 cables to support the interface at full speed, Sonnet's USB 3.0 upgrade is timely and available with all currently shipping units. 

Sonnet will offer existing xMac mini Server customers an upgrade path with a replacement cable kit. The easy-to-install kit (Part No. XMCBL-3USB3) replaces the existing USB 2.0 cables, and requires only a screwdriver and nut driver to complete the task. The kit, priced at USD $39.95, is expected to ship in mid-November. 

The xMac mini Server transforms a Mac mini into a full-fledged expandable rackmount server, mounting the computer inside a specially designed 1U rackmount enclosure that contains two PCIe 2.0 slots that connect to the computer through its Thunderbolt port. The expansion system features a 100W power supply and employs temperature-controlled variable-speed fans to cool the cards and computer. This system enables users to plug in two PCIe adapter cards -- one half-length/low-profile and one full-length/full-height -- to slots connected to the Mac mini via an included Thunderbolt cable, while enabling the daisy-chain connection of additional Thunderbolt peripherals to the xMac mini Server's second Thunderbolt port. The Mac mini's Gigabit Ethernet, USB, and HDMI interfaces are extended to panel-mounted connectors on the back of the unit. With these features, the Mac mini is able to use expansion cards normally compatible only with the Mac Pro(R), making the Mac mini suitable as a short and light stand-in for the now-discontinued Xserve(R). This makes it ideal for use in cases such as a back-office RAID server, a metadata controller or mobile rack frequently used in mobile pro audio, or on-location shoots for cinema and other media projects. 

The xMac mini Server requires the use of Thunderbolt-compatible PCIe expansion cards. Compatible cards fall into numerous categories including pro audio, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS/SATA RAID controllers, video capture, and editing, with the list continually expanding as more cards are tested and certified. 

The USB 3.0-compatible xMac Mini Server (part number XMAC-MS) is available now for $1,295. More information on the product and compatible PCIe expansion cards is available at

More information on Sonnet and its other products is available at 

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