Pronology Brings Tapeless Workflows Directly To the Set with Its Digital Asset Management SaaS Capabilities

AMSTERDAM, AUGUST 26, 2014Pronology, a developer of cutting-edge tapeless workflow solutions, will feature its comprehensive integration and Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings at the 2014 IBC Show (Hall 10, Stand A26). In addition to providing its complete digital media asset management (MAM) platform, content producers can also contract Pronology as a service provider in order to afford them the ability to implement a tapeless workflow for a predetermined amount of time.

The Pronology team specializes in specifying and configuring any required hardware, and ensuring that all hardware and software pieces are optimally integrated. It can also train on-site personnel to operate and maintain the system themselves throughout the production cycle. Many customers extend the service contract beyond the production cycle. Pronology’s software offers the ability for production teams, either locally or remotely, to not only access clips immediately after recording a production, but also host the media for screening and retrieval long after the acquisition phase has wrapped. Pronology has supplied its services to several television productions, including Big Brother Canada, Chopped Canada, season 12 of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Dr. Phil.

“We are excited to highlight our SaaS capabilities to the international broadcast and production communities at IBC, as it is the ideal environment to display our ability to accommodate the wide range of workflows being used today,” says Jonathan Aroesty, co-founder of Pronology. “At Pronology, we take pride in using our real-world industry experience to provide the best tools, and to advise on-site crews from the start to finish of a production as to “best practices”.”

Pronology’s solution provides users with a complete set of tools designed for MAM in video production environments. Its easy-to-use interface is designed for both technical and non-technical users. The system is OS agnostic, with users accessing the system via a standard Web browser. As part of the browser-based interface, multiple users have instant access to a live Web proxy of the video and audio feeds being captured by the production’s record operation. This architecture allows direct access to all system media and metadata, enabling extensive real-time collaboration between users on a given production, regardless of location. These feeds can be time-code accurately logged by multiple users at any point in the production process. Pronology’s intuitive sub-clipping tool also allows users to select their ideal shots, and to sub-clip content into customizable bins for ease of organization, thereby clearly communicating their wishes to post-production personnel.

Along with logging and sub-clipping, producers have the option to use the Web proxies to create a storyboard or “paper” cut of their projects. They can simply drag and drop the selected clips into a storyboard and send this as a “sequence” to their editor. To manage project approval, Pronology enables post-production staff to e-mail a link to one or a group of producers/clients seeking comments and editorial authorization for recorded and edited content. This link is completely encrypted, allowing for off-site viewing while maintaining content security. Pronology also includes a complete archive solution. Imported and/or recorded content and their associated metadata can be saved to both LTO data tape as well as cloud storage.

About Pronology

A joint venture between Playback Innovations and WheresMyMedia, Pronology’s Digital Asset Management solution simplifies the task of content creation and distribution for today’s tapeless workflows. Designed from the ground up by actual users, the tools have been built first and foremost for ease-of-use. Pronology allows a limitless number of users to simultaneously and remotely acquire, manage, approve, log, distribute, transcode and archive content. Its user-friendly interface and format-agnostic infrastructure offer a complete all-in-one solution, while also providing the flexibility necessary to accommodate a wide range of possible workfl­ows. For more information, please contact us at 212-660-1600 / or visit us online at