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FingerWorks Telestrators adds Social Media Integration to its Fusion Custom Interface Control System at NAB 2018

LAS VEGAS, APRIL 5, 2018 - FingerWorks Telestrators, the leading live telestrator for professional sports broadcasters, announces software updates to its FingerWorks Fusion custom interface control system at NAB 2018 (Booth SL4606). The latest software updates allow analysts and operators to import Twitter and Instagram feeds, in addition to live stats integration with clip ingest and control.

The latest customized FingerWorks Fusion system allows Twitter and Instagram feeds to be imported into the system from any device connected to the network. These custom tools enable users to choose the graphic design of the feed to match the rest of production, resulting in a consistent, visually appealing way to interact with viewers across platforms.

The innovative and easy to use FingerWorks Fusion is a custom interface that provides live statistical data, live clip ingest and control, and the traditional live Telestration analysis tools for broadcasters. The FingerWorks Fusion functionality allows more of the production to be controlled at the analyst location rather than everything being pushed and controlled from elsewhere in the production chain.

"The recent innovations to our FingerWorks Fusion software are the key to keeping our systems as advanced and relevant within the broadcast telestration industry as possible, while still remaining user friendly," says Bryan McKoen, president, FingerWorks Telestrators. "These customizable tools are updates to a product our customers already love. Social media integration, live clip control and live stats panels are features that appeal not only to the end users, but also to the viewers."

FingerWorks Fusion is currently being deployed for a televised golf tournament via a mobile touchscreen that can be positioned anywhere on the course, providing 12 custom linked levels of live statistics for the analyst to choose from. Any live statistical feed for any sport can be supported and controlled by the custom user interface, which sits on top of the Fingerworks ReVu clip ingest and control software.

FingerWorks Telestrators offers a wide range of Telestrator solutions. While Fusion is a fully customized interface control system, FingerWorks Revu is an out-of-the-box Telestrator solution for customers looking for image and clip import features in addition to live analysis tools.

About FingerWorks Telestrators

Since 1998, FingerWorks Telestrators has defined live Telestration for professional sports broadcasters. FingerWorks enhances an analyst's ability to reach its audience through real time touchscreen Telestration with a variety of standard and customer supplied graphic elements. It's easy to learn, easy to use, and the FingerWorks support team provides unmatched service and technical support. For more information on FingerWorks Telestrators, visit or