Quantum Products at the 2018 NAB Show

2018 NAB Show Preview


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April 7 – 12

Quantum Products at the 2018 NAB Show

At the 2018 NAB Show, Quantum will present its latest innovations for demanding storage workflows, including major new enhancements for its Xcellis® workflow storage family and the StorNext® shared file system and data management platform.

New Xcellis® Scale-out NAS Platform 

Quantum will showcase its new Xcellis® Scale-out NAS solution, which delivers the highest levels of storage performance and scalability in a cost-effective, Ethernet-based appliance. Powered by Quantum's StorNext® shared storage and data management platform, the multiprotocol, multiclient Xcellis Scale-out NAS appliance unites robust media and metadata management with industry-leading scalability and unmatched performance to support content creators' most demanding collaborative workflows and ease their transition to IP-based infrastructure.

A single Xcellis Scale-out NAS system performs up to three times better than that of the market's next best NAS offering. An Xcellis NAS cluster can scale performance and capacity together or independently to reach hundreds of petabytes in capacity and more than a terabyte per second in performance, while costing a fraction of a comparable Fibre Channel SAN solution.

StorNext 6 Release 

StorNext 6 software demonstrates Quantum's ongoing leadership in workflow storage — with a particular focus on extending collaboration globally and providing new data management options. StorNext 6 highlights include the following:

• FlexTier™ Public and Private Cloud Access — The new FlexTier cloud-access feature for StorNext makes it easy to integrate existing public-cloud storage accounts and third-party object storage (private cloud) into a StorNext environment. As a result, content owners can get all the content access and visibility benefits provided by StorNext, protect their investments in a cloud-based archive and reduce the cost and complexity of cloud storage administration.

• FlexSpace™ Shared Archive — Addressing the challenges of global "always-on" production workflows, the new FlexSpace feature allows multiple instances of StorNext, located anywhere in the world, to share a common content repository. As a result, any user within a StorNext environment can access, browse and pull files from the shared workspace. With this game-changing new capability, a creative team member working in one city can create content that is automatically stored to the common repository and make it immediately available for further work by team members in other cities.

• FlexSync™ Multisite Synchronization — FlexSync™ is a powerful new capability that provides a fast, flexible and simple way to synchronize content between multiple StorNext systems. FlexSync supports one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one file-replication scenarios, and can be configured to operate on specific files, specific folders or entire file systems. By leveraging enhancements in file-system metadata monitoring, FlexSync recognizes changes instantly and can immediately begin reflecting those changes on another system located anywhere in the world.

Xcellis® Foundation Entry-Level NAS Appliance for Media Workflows 

At the 2018 NAB Show, Quantum will also feature Xcellis® Foundation, its high-performance, entry-level workflow storage system specifically designed to address the technical and budgetary requirements of small- to medium-sized postproduction facilities and corporate video departments. Powered by StorNext®, the new system delivers the benefits of enterprise-class Xcellis storage, including high performance and scalability, in a NAS appliance for under US$25,000. By providing a more powerful, more feature-rich alternative to other entry-level storage systems at a similar price point, Xcellis Foundation is ideal for smaller video production facilities that need the benefits of a collaborative workflow but have limited budgets.

aiWARE™ for Xcellis®: Veritone AI Platform in the StorNext Environment 

aiWARE™ for Xcellis is a new hybrid on-premises and cloud version of the best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI) platform from Veritone. This solution allows users to leverage the power of Veritone's best-of-breed cognitive analytics ― in areas such as object recognition, optical character recognition and transcription ― to extract hidden value from their video and audio content stored on Quantum appliances.

ClarityNow for Xcellis 

During the 2018 NAB Show, Quantum will feature ClarityNow for Xcellis, a powerful integration of DataFrameworks' ClarityNow data management system with Xcellis workflow storage. Together these technologies allow users not only to look at the physical nature of their storage environment, but also to establish policies so that files are moved in a way that yields the most capacity. By scanning content in near-real time, building an index of that content and then grouping similar content into collections, the integrated solution makes it easier to attach exact costs to storage related to specific content and projects. As a result, studios and other content creators can keep specific groups of content in the most economical and appropriate storage medium.

Company Quote:

"In the past year we've introduced significant enhancements to our Xcellis workflow storage, bringing enterprise-class storage for collaborative workflows to a broader range of creative facilities and offering NAS storage performance that's triple that of the nearest competitor. Through our extensive and growing partner ecosystem, we're both enabling greater efficiency in handling content across the storage environment and empowering Xcellis users to leverage AI to better understand and monetize their content. At the 2018 NAB Show, we'll also highlight powerful options within StorNext 6 and how they support valuable capabilities such as content synchronization, the sharing of content across multiple sites and the scaling and optimization of performance across the content-creation facility."

— Molly Presley, Vice President of Parketing at Quantum

Company Overview:

Quantum is a global expert in workflow-optimized storage technologies and data management solutions. Quantum's StorNext® is the industry's leading collaborative content production and archive platform, providing a unique combination of performance, low-cost capacity and easy access for content creators and owners ranging from the smallest post houses to the world's largest media brands.

The company's Xcellis® workflow storage solution is engineered to tackle the industry's most demanding data-intensive workloads, including high-performance 4K/UHD editing, VFX creation and color correction. Powered by StorNext, Xcellis maximizes operational and workflow efficiency and scales out to thousands of NAS clients. It can be deployed in an end-to-end, policy-driven storage environment that also includes flash, disk, object, tape and cloud storage tiers.

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