Renewed Vision Ships PVP3 Multi-Function Media Server

Alpharetta, GA,January18, 2018—Renewed Vision is now shipping PVP3, the ground-breaking third generation of the popular ProVideoPlayer multi-function media server. Building extensively on earlier versions’ powerful toolset for creating engaging multi-screen video displays, the vast new capabilities and redesigned user interface packed into PVP3 elevate the solution to an all-in-one media server, video processor and screen control system while retaining its precursors’ remarkable ease of use and cost-efficiency. Renewed Vision will demonstrate PVP3 and emphasize its latest features, including NDI support and screen control, at the 2018 NAB Show (April 9-12, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth N5106).

Ideal for both fixed installations and event-based applications in markets including broadcast, corporate events, concert staging and many other professional AV verticals, PVP3 empowers users to design and deliver rich visual experiences spanning multiple interactive, resolution-independent displays. The heart of PVP3’s powerful media handling functionality is its best-in-class video processing engine, which can seamlessly combine live and pre-recorded media while applying real-time visual effects and image manipulations. The enhanced video engine delivers low-latency playout with improved video quality and consistent reliability for even the most complex multi-screen displays and multi-layered visuals.

Expanding PVP’s input and output capabilities, the new version adds support for direct SDI outputs,as well as NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI) technology. Enabling live, IP-based production workflows over Ethernet networks, NDI is an ideal mechanism for reliably distributing video over long distances at live events. 

“The addition of direct SDI output to PVP3 enables users to eliminate the cumbersome collection of SDI converters that are so pervasive in most multi-screen productions,” said Brad Weston, president, Renewed Vision. “PVP3 allows users to output up to 8 SDI feeds from a single cable to an external chassis, or simplify their cabling setups even further with IP-based NDI workflows.”

Powerful new screen control capabilities in PVP3 enable users to interactivelymap and combine live video and media sources across multiple, user-defined display targets in real time. Users have complete control of how and when video will display on each screen for an unlimited range of creative possibilities, from dividing large images across several screens at once, to artistically combining multiple sources together on one massive LED display. Meanwhile, new blend modes allow users to layer videos for powerful visual effects.

Running on macOS, PVP3 harnesses all of its powerful functionality in a completely redesigned user interface, streamlining operation for even the most complex productions while letting users do more on a single system than ever before. The new interface allows users to see all of the visible actions impacted by a cue in advance before actually clicking on it, helping them work quickly with confidence while minimizing mistakes. Users can also tailor the interface to meet the needs of each project and their own personal preferences. 

“PVP3 provides a broad range of functionality for a wide variety of users, each of whom has their own preferred way of working,” said Weston. “For example, some will want to be able to see all of the visual actions that are on each individual layer at one time, while others never use the advanced effects and targets, so prefer to use the interface screen real estate for something else. Some users will want to operate the system on the fly, triggering recorded videos and live feeds dynamically; others will instead want to set up shows beforehand and simply trigger pre-programmed cue sequences.

“PVP3’s flexible new interface can be changed to meet the desires of each user,” he continued. 

“It was no easy task to maintain our trademark ease of use while incorporating all of the new functionality we’ve added, but we rose to the challenge and the results show we’ve succeeded.” 

While the new PVP3 user interface provides an exceptional hands-on experience, the software’s comprehensive new scheduler enables automated, hands-off operation. Users can have PVP3 automatically cue events at pre-determined times, and define varying sets of actions to be executed on recurring schedules. This is particularly valuable in environments such as corporate lobbies, hospitality venues and restaurants, enabling different content to be displayed automatically depending on the time of day. 

Enabling further automation in broadcast, sound stages and other permanent installations, PVP3’s unique new control protocol allows the system to trigger actions and events on newsroom automation systems and professional AV control systems. 

“While PVP3 has a ton of new capabilities, what we’ve really done is take everything that PVP2 could do and made it far better, all while improving the user experience,” summarized Weston. “We’re thrilled to now be putting it in the hands of our users.”

PVP3 is available immediately, and includes dozens of additional new features, visual effects and enhancements. For more information, please visit��

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