3G-SDI 8 LCD 1RU Rack Monitor from Delvcam with Individual Audio Meters

Mount Marion, N.Y. – July 31, 2017 - Delvcam, a US based design and engineering firm specializing in professional LCD video production monitors, unveils the new DELV-8LCD-SDI 1RU rack mounted monitor panel featuring eight 2-inch displays, each with one 3G-SDI input and one 3G-SDI output, and multiple functions.

Dan Coscarella, product manager at Delvcam, stated, “With functions such as equalization and reclocking as well as on screen audio meters, timecodes, and UMDs, this broadcast quality 8 LCD rack mounted monitor is ideal where space is limited such as in production trucks and ENG vans. And offered at a great price!”

The LED backlit LCD monitors feature embedded audio meters, equalization, reclocking, and a UMD character function. Each monitor has a 640 x 240 native resolution and includes DIP switches that activate audio meters and time codes to assist in audio/video production monitoring. Functions, including brightness and contrast, are controlled through a computer interface.

To learn more about this product and the full line of Delvcam camera-top, rackmount, and production monitors, visit www.delvcam.com.

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About Delvcam
Delvcam, a division of Tower Products Incorporated, is a US based design and engineering firm specializing in cost-effective LCD rack mount, production, and camera-top monitors for broadcast, multimedia, video and film professionals worldwide. We offer feature-rich, high resolution LCD’s at an affordable price.