Osprey Video Announces Talon G2 Encoder for One-Touch HD Streaming to Up to Three Destinations Simultaneously

DALLAS -- July 24, 2017 -- Osprey Video today announced an extension of its Talon hardware encoder line with the launch of the Talon G2. Like other Talon encoders, the Talon G2 creates live RTMP streams for unmanaged networks such as the internet. It offers all the performance and function of its award-winning predecessor, the Talon G1, but with new features that boost its utility and make it even easier to operate without intervention after it is configured.

Designed for A/V and broadcast customers looking for end-to-end video-streaming tools for professional workflows, the Talon G2 ingests video from multiple formats, encodes it to H.264, and delivers it over IP. One of the Talon G2's most important distinguishing characteristics is its front-facing LCD touch screen, which offers one-touch streaming control. Once the streaming profiles are set up on the back end, which can be done remotely if needed, any user can start or stop encoding operations at the touch of a button. Furthermore, the screen displays continuous feedback on the status of all encoders, so users always know which ones are active versus idle.

Another important aspect of the Talon G2 is API-level integrations with both Facebook Live and the Wowza Streaming Cloud streaming service. These integrations, along with one-touch streaming control, bring simplicity and time savings to a process that could otherwise be very cumbersome. For example, streaming to Facebook is a daily practice for many operations, yet Facebook users must configure a new session every time they want to deliver a stream. Osprey Video worked with Facebook on an exclusive interface that makes it possible to configure the Talon G2 for Facebook streaming only once instead of daily. Once configured, users simply press a button. Furthermore, built-in security features make it so that authorized users can start streaming to anyone's Facebook page (such as a company's or an executive's) without needing login credentials, saving even more time while alleviating security concerns over password-sharing.

The small, affordable Talon G2 encoder ingests video from 3G HD-SDI, HDMI, and composite sources and streams it via RTMP, RTP, or UDP to multiple destinations over IP. Importantly, the Talon G2 can encode and stream to three destinations simultaneously and save to a .TS file, with frame alignment across all streams for multiple-bit-rate streaming.

Facilities of all kinds will benefit from the Talon G2's ability to stream from multiple sources to multiple destinations in a set-it-and-forget-it fashion, all with the 24/7 reliability for which Osprey Video products are known. The encoder's broadcast-level quality and performance, coupled with its ease of use, make it well-suited for live-streaming applications in broadcast, A/V, house of worship, corporate, higher education, and government organizations, whose users vary widely from the highly technical to the novice. For those organizations and others like them, the Talon G2 will serve as the ultimate interconnect device, simply sitting between the source and the destination, encoding and conveying signals from one to the other with a single touch. Input devices can be as simple as a single camera connected to the Talon G2 via HDMI, or as complex as an entire television studio connected via SDI.

"Live streaming has become popular in virtually every market, so people need a way to do it flexibly, reliably, affordably, and with high-quality results, whether they're professional video engineers or amateurs who have nothing to do with the technical details. That's why we're so committed to developing our hardware encoders, which pack a surprising amount of performance and function into a small device that's easy to use," said Scott Whitcomb, business development manager at Osprey Video. "We took customer input based on the success of our Talon G1 and added convenient features that make it easier for end users. Some people might never have to touch the encoder, but if they do, the interaction will now be much friendlier. And techies, who are ultimately responsible for the streaming operation, can set it up and scarcely think about it again."

The Talon G2 encoder is shipping now for $1,890. The Talon G1 is offered at $1,690.

More information about Osprey Video is available at www.ospreyvideo.com.

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Osprey Video's premium video-capture technology has long driven mission-critical video delivery in industries ranging from broadcast, internet TV, and surveillance, to enterprise, government, and aerospace. Now the technology in its flagship capture cards and drivers is the foundation for its end-to-end line of live-streaming and encoding products, which allow customers to satisfy increasingly higher expectations for online video in all environments, including more traditional A/V environments such as education, corporate communications, and houses of worship. The company is continually expanding its product portfolio to meet customer demand for high-quality, reliable tools in ever-evolving video applications -- from video over IP to closed captioning, mobile streaming to 4K capture and distribution … and beyond. More information is available at www.ospreyvideo.com.

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