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Key Integrations Significantly Extend Matrix Solutions’ Platform Capabilities

PITTSBURGH, PA – June 30, 2016 - Matrix Solutions, the leading provider of media customer relationship management (CRM) and sales intelligence software, has announced new integrations with IRD’s Prospector and MailChimp. These integrations add important prospecting and email automation capabilities to all Matrix customers. As a result of the new integrations, users are provided with first-hand sales enablement tools and strategies.

Prospector, a media sales prospecting tool available in Australia, is a comprehensive database of all relevant brand and agency account and contact data, as well as product and campaign history. Matrix clients are able to access and view Prospector’s data from within the Matrix platform enabling them to better capitalize on advertising opportunities. Although Prospector is specific to the Australian market, Matrix has and continues to develop more integrations that provide users with similar information and insights, such as the BIA/Kelsey Media Market Forecast integration made available earlier this year.

The integration with MailChimp provides seamless automation of marketing emails for sales organizations. From within Matrix, users can quickly and easily build customized email lists based on sales activity, such as sales volume, geographic region, etc. The lists are then automatically sent to MailChimp where account executives or sales managers are able to send a personalized email to nurture their leads. Users are also able to view email activity and performance from within Matrix, relying on one dashboard to unify marketing and sales, saving time and allowing for a greater focus on selling.

“I am very excited about the latest Matrix platform release, as it is very demonstrative of not only our commitment to helping our customers sell faster, smarter, and more efficiently, but a testament to our team’s proficiency in executing our next generation product roadmap,” shared Mark Gorman, CEO, Matrix Solutions. “The evolution of our product has really come about through our own in-house development, just as much so via key product integrations.”

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