Auralex® Now Shipping StudioDoor™

– New isolation door has a proprietary core, offering superior isolation for recording studios,
vocal booths, mixing rooms and other acoustically-isolated facilities –

Indianapolis, IN, May 31, 2016 –Auralex® Acoustics, Inc., the world’s leading brand of acoustical treatments, is now shipping the new StudioDoor™ isolation door.

For acoustically isolated studios, the Auralex StudioDoor features an exclusive layering of components differing from all other isolation doors, providing a superior Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating, resulting in greatly reduced room-to-room sound transmission. The StudioDoor is the perfect finishing touch to your acoustically isolated studio.

All StudioDoors are wood-based with a proprietary Auralex core to maximize mass and eliminate resonance issues, and StudioDoor 48, the more massive of the two StudioDoor iterations, includes Auralex SheetBlok™ Sound Barrier for additional isolation.

StudioDoor is available in the following iterations:
• StudioDoor 41 (standard) – 1.75” x 36” x 80” (STC: 41)
• StudioDoor 48 HD – 2.5” x 36” x 80” (STC: 48) [core features Auralex SheetBlok™]

Both models are shipped pre-hung with a continuous, industrial-grade hinge.

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