Wheatstone to Introduce AoIP Product SwitchBlade at 2019 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—SwitchBlade is a new AoIP appliance from Wheatstone that will have its unveiling during the 2019 NAB Show. The product is designed to assist with the ability to share studio operations and high-quality programming between facilities.

The 1RU SwitchBlade is part of the WheatNet-IP audio network that includes audio codecs, SIP messaging and ACI control interface. The SwitchBlade combines AoIP logic control with SIP connectivity and codec bandwidth optimization to transport programming and the control logic for full studio operation between two sites.

SwitchBlade includes WheatNet-IP’s Application Control Interface for remotely triggering events and elements in the WheatNet environment. In addition to the ACI-supported control commands, specialized virtual interfaces for SwitchBlade can be developed using ScreenBuilder virtual development tools. SwitchBlade also has two Ethernet connections, one to connect to an SIP service provider or SIP-enabled PBX phone system, and the other for connecting directly to the WheatNet-IP Audio network. In addition, SwitchBlade comes with the 256 Kb/s stereo Opus and G.711 codec for distribution.

When connected, SwitchBlade can offer up to 24 modules as sources/destinations in the WheatNet-IP Navigator software. Each module can carry ancillary signalling embedded in the audio streams for equipment activation and control, and each can be controlled, configured and reset without interfering with any of the others. All 24 modules can also link to any remote SIP-compliant Opus or other codec, or another SwitchBlade, to deliver programming direct to all channels on the WheatNet-IP network.

Wheatstone will display SwitchBlade at its NAB Show booth, N6806. To register for the NAB Show, visit www.nabshow.com.