Tektronix Launches New Test and Measurement Products

(click thumbnail)Tektronix WVR7000At NAB2007, Tektronix will introduce a host of new products focusing on test and measurement for the broadcast, IP and professional production community.

Tek has added monitoring capabilities for IP networks to its MTM400 MPEG Transport Stream Monitor. The added features allow the MTM400 to simultaneously monitor critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for up to 500 MPEG transport streams carried within a Gig-E link. The MTM now can detect critical MPEG Transport Stream Errors (Sync and Continuity Count), IP packet errors (Lost and Out of Order RPT packets and packet CRC errors), and IP timing (Packet Inter-arrival time). Tek has also added automatic channel changing capability to sequentially poll multiple streams to the MTM400.

Also new at the Tek booth is the AMM768, a multiformat audio monitor that supports, in one scalable platform, options to monitor analog, digital and Dolby audio and provides a picture display option to facilitate video and audio coordination.

Tektronix will also introduce the WVR7000 HD rasterizer for monitoring audio and video streams. It includes options for SD video, composite video, AES-EBU and analog audio and is also well suited for camera color calibration and setup in production, and for color correction and verification of non-compressed audio in editing suites.

The company will also be demonstrating new features for its MTX100B portable analyzer. In addition to existing MPEG transport stream generation and recording capabilities, Tek has added real time monitoring and off line analysis features to the MTX100B.

Other new additions to the Tek booth at NAB will include a new PC software package for content verification of file based video for the compact CerifyLite, and SyncCert, a new software package that checks and measures audio and video synchronization of file-based video content.