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SintecMedia to Showcase Enhancements to OnAir Airtime Manager

At NAB2007, SintecMedia will demonstrate new features for its OnAir airtime sales and traffic manager, including an automated sales proposal-generation tool that enables better utilization of inventory and fast response to client needs; automated brand-allocation functionality; virtual inventory management; and advanced options for efficient handling of schedule changes to maintain contract integrity.

OnAir’s functions also include integrated workflow management to streamline communications across the organization, and real-time graphical analysis of revenue, budgeting, programming and inventory.

OnAir’s security, auditing, and user-definable rules capabilities give broadcasters control over internal processes to help meet Sarbanes-Oxley legislation requirements as well as internal corporate process controls.

OnAir’s integrated promotion optimization tool works with multiple promo campaigns simultaneously. This tool’s algorithm maximizes a user-defined goal that can be stated in terms of required rating/audience, number of spots, or amount of airtime while also taking into consideration constraints such as channel, time of day, and program genre.

More OnAir features include support for new revenue streams such as secondary events and eTV, complete billing and accounts receivable support, and commercial material archiving.