SGL Showcasing New Web Enhancements

SGL a provider of content archive and storage management software solutions, will be debuting Flashbrowse II and XML Interface.

FlashBrowse II is a client-based Web tool that allows FlashNet users to capture simple metadata and archive and restore media from many different forms of archive. Web browser based, FlashBrowse II can be used on Mac, PC and Linux platforms. Not only can users search for content held in the archive, they can view low-res proxy versions without restoring the original material from the archive.

The XML Interface is a lightweight and simple-to-implement interface, which offers third-party developers the ability to get to the heart of a FlashNet archive without the burden of complex archive awareness. The socket-based API provides an interface to FlashNet. Using the flexibility of standard XML, a full set of commands equivalent to the more traditional FlashNet API (FNAPI) is supported, along with new features that offer developers of third-party automation and media asset management systems awareness of a complete archive.