Ross Announces Ultrix Routing Switcher and More at IBC 2015

AMSTERDAM—Ross Video is certainly taking advantage of its time at IBC 2015, announcing a bevy of new products and other news to attendees.


Ross Video is debuting the Ultrix, a compact routing switcher that features audio processing and multi-viewers while supporting the new SMPTE 12G standard that gets 4K/UHD video on a single coaxial cable. Ultrix handles all SDI data rates from 270Mbps to 12Gbps and offers BNC I/O and SFP slots. The system also features the Ultricore Control, a control system companion to Ultrix that provides control, configuration and monitoring over Ultrix and NK series routers.

The latest entry in the Carbonite series of production switchers also made the trip to IBC 2015, the Carbonite Black. After premiering at NAB 2015, Ross is relaunching the entire Carbonite line with the Carbonite Black, which offers more I/O choices , production power, and six new panels in one, two and three ME row layouts with 16, 24, and 32 source buttons in a 2RU frame with 36x22 I/O standard. Carbonite Black is compatible with all of Ross’ new slate of products.

In collaboration with SolidAnim, Ross Video has announced the SolidTrack universal camera tracking system. Ross will focus on the broadcast and live production applications for this real-time camera tracking and pre-visualization product. Able to be used in studio or outside, the SolidTrack is designed to work on any camera mounting system to support visual effect shots, green screen compositing, 3D rendering and complex camera moves. SolidTrack is able to integrate into existing workflows.

Ross also has another collaboration with Evertz to add 10GE IP interfaces with ASPEN support to Ross’ Acuity production switchers. The collaboration helps create an IP-based production facility. With the addition of 10GE interfaces, broadcasters can combine traditional SDI infrastructure with IT centric hardware and software to produce programming. The Acuity production switchers can then be connected to Evertz’s 3080IPX and EVE-VSR Software Defined Video Networking switching cores, removing the need for external gateway modules and simplifying the installation and signal management in production.

The latest version, version 4.0, of the Acuity production switcher is also on display. New operational features for the Acuity include Split ME, DVE Warps, Lighting Engine, and supports the new MultiProcessing Inputs card option.

Trackless Studio, a virtual set software that works without camera tracking, also is among the new Ross products at IBC 2015. Built on top of the XPression Real-Time Motion Graphics System, Trackless Studio allows users to perform camera moves, utilize multiple cameras, perform transitions, add live inputs, trigger real-time 3D graphics, recall clips or still images, and create macros for complex events. It can also use stationary cameras with all movement handled by virtual cameras inside of the XPression scene.

Ross is also showing its new production clip server, XPression Clips. Based on the XPression real-time graphics engine, XPression Clips eliminates pre-rolls with instant recalls, features an intuitive interface, and supports multiple forms of automation control. With an XPression Studio upgrade, XPression Clips can add CG functionality to combine 3D graphics with video and graphic clips in the same device. The system also features a ClipStore database to keep track of metadata and has the ability to synchronize with other ClipStore databases in a facility.

In addition, a new partnership with SportsVision will have Ross aiding in the production of rendering specialty graphics for NASCAR broadcasts. The XPression 3D graphics system acts as a rendering engine to update the position and behavior of graphics n every frame of video, in sync with on-air programming.

Lastly, Ross has announced that it will resell CueScript teleprompters and software in conjunction with Ross Robotics and Inception product lines.

Ross has all of its products displayed at booth 9.C10 during IBC 2015.