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Riedel Showcases New Intercom-Over-IP Products

(click thumbnail)Riedel Communications will be on the IBC2008 exhibition floor to introduce a range of new intercom products. The line of new products includes a new intercom-over-IP solution as well as the European debut of the updated version of Riedel’s Digital Partyline system interface C44.

The new Connect IPx8 is a 19-inch, 1RU unit, which converts eight bi-directional AES or analogue signals into IP data and vice versa, and complements Riedel’s Artist VOIP-108 G2 client card, which is having its European debut. The solution provides high-quality intercom interfacing to IP based networks and allows matrix-to-matrix connections, matrix-to-control panel connections and distribution of audio lines over IP. Connect IPx8 is available in three versions, offering different interface options. The CAT5 and COAX versions are for connecting panels and other AES signals, while the AIO version is perfect for the connection of four-wires and other analogue sources. The Connect IPx8 can connect up to eight standard Artist 1000, 2000 or 3000 series control panels with full functionality to an Artist matrix via an IP-network.

Riedel’s updated Performer C44plus system interface is celebrating its European debut and now incorporates the new Audio Assignment Software for editing of the internal 24x24 matrix of the device. The Performer C44 plus integrates digital partylines into matrix intercom environments. The new Audio Assignment Software is an intuitive tool for editing the settings of eight pre-programmed configurations, which can be activated through DIP switches on the front of the C44plus. This expansion enables the C44plus to serve as the heart of a small standalone intercom solution offering a 24 x 24 matrix with four two-channel powered digital partyline outputs, eight AES digital I/Os and eight analogue four-wire I/Os. In addition, GPIs enable the C44plus to be combined with a RiFace radio interface to also integrate wired and wireless communications environments.

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