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NewTek to Emphasize End-to-End IP Workflow at NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—NewTek’s theme for the 2018 NAB Show may be “The Power To See Ahead,” but it has a definite idea about what that vision should be for broadcasters and video producers, alike: IP-based video production and distribution powered by its NDI IP protocol.

Since its earliest days, NewTek has been all about software-driven video production. Thirty years ago, that meant writing machine code to squeeze every bit of processing efficiency from NewTek’s Video Toaster and its Commodore Amiga host.

Today, it means software-driven IP workflows that offer a high degree of flexibility when compared to video production solutions based upon proprietary hardware. At the NAB Show, NewTek will emphasize this with IP-based video solutions that take a signal from acquisition, through the entire production workflow and ultimately to viewers as streaming IP packets.


In practical terms, from NewTek’s point of view, that means acquisition with the NDHX-PTZ1 pan-tilt-zoom camera, across a typical IP network using the NDI protocol, to production equipment like its TriCaster TC1 production switcher and finally streamed to viewers via its MediaDS Media Distribution System.

The lineup of NDI products at the NewTek booth will include the new 3Play 3P1 replay device for NDI workflows as well as its new LivePanel IP-based control surface that enables video producers to control their NDI workflows from their tablets, smartphones, laptops and workstations.

The 3Play 3P1 is a four-input, two-output replay system with NDI IP connectivity. Together with NewTek’s TriCaster TC1 16-input, 4K-capable production switcher and NewTek-Vizrt NVG1 IP graphics server, the 3Play 3P1 is part of an NDI-based technology triumvirate NewTek calls the Dream Team, which packs all the muscle needed for network-quality sports production.


NewTek’s new LivePanel browser-based, software-driven control panel is compatible with any current OS and modern web browser. Users can define their own virtual control surfaces for LivePanel using the LivePanel Builder. More sophisticated interfaces are available on a contract basis from NewTek’s ProServ professional services division.

NewTek also will highlight its NDI HX products, including the NDHX-PTZ1 pan-tilt-zoom camera with NDI network connectivity, NDI HX HDMI and SDI converters, and a high-efficiency mode for NDI use in bandwidth restricted environments that allows 1080p video to be transported over Wi-Fi.

At the high end, the company will feature its flagship IP Series Video Mix Engine with 44 inputs and 35 outputs. Supporting video signals up to 4K/60p, the IP Series offers native NDI support as well as support for other IP protocols and standards, including ASPEN and SMPTE ST-2022, says the company.

NewTek has been shipping NDI, or Network Device Interface for about two and half years. In that time, there have been some 5,000 downloads of the NDI software development kit. A total of about 850 developers are actively creating NDI-based solutions for video production, and of those, about 400 to 500 are shipping NDI-enabled products, according to Brian Olson, NewTek’s vice president of product management.

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Fourteen NDI developers will be showing their products at the NDI Central Pavilion (SL5516), next to the NewTek booth.

The company will get the NAB ball rolling Sunday, April 8, with its NewTek Community Event. The event promises to give those who attend a preview of what the company has in store for them at the booth.

Kiki Stockhammer will host the shindig; NewTek founder Tim Jenison will speak, and Andrew Cross, company president and CTO, will present. The event will be held in the Congo Room of the SLS Las Vegas. Cocktails start at 5:30 p.m. and the presentation begins at 6:30.

NewTek will be in booth SL5016.

Phil Kurz

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