NewTek Releases v3 of NDI

SAN ANTONIO—NewTek is ushering in the third generation of its NDI IP video technology. The new v3 provides new features, including support for multicast with forward error correction; a high efficiency mode for wireless or long distance transmission; PTZ camera control and tally; and improved encoding performance. In addition, NewTek has also collaborated with vendors for embedded NDI support for hardware devices, among them Panasonic.

Details of NDI v3’s new features include multicast support with forward error correction in NDI v3 allows a single NDI source to serve multiple destinations. The new high efficiency mode, NDI|HX offers full resolution, full frame-rate video that works with limited bandwidth wireless, remote and large scale networks. Support for PTZ cameras standardizes video, audio, tally and camera control and eliminates the need for separate control devices. And encodes on a modem i7-based machine at rates similar to 8K at 320fps, 4K at 1000fps and 1080p at 2500fps.

In addition to Panasonic, vendors that will utilize the new NDI v3 include BirdDog, Bluefish444, Microsoft Skype, NewBlueFX, OBS, PTZOptics, SplitmediaLabs – Xsplit, Broadcast Pix, Ross Video, Telestream Wirecast and Gameshow, vMix, NewTek and more.

NDI v3 SDK will be available for download starting in Q3 2017.