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NAB Product Preview: Monitors

At this year’s NAB, professional large format 3D monitors may be squeezed out by the price of all the consumer-level offerings, but we can look forward to a slew of passive polarized 3D screens. New display technologies, including OLED and RGB backlighting, will provide plenty of 2D eye candy for NAB Show attendees.

Atlona Technologies will show their new AT-DIS7-PROHD 7-inch monitor, designed to test cabling and component installation via any HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video input. The AT-DIS7-PROHD can also be used to test 3D sources.

Boland Communications’ iHDL26 is the first 26-inch display in the company’s line of broadcast LED-backlit LCD monitors featuring real time waveform monitor, vectorscope, and audio meters. They will also bring their HD32, a 32-inch 10-bit panel intended for post production and edit bay applications. Booth visitors should also check out the HD84LDB with its extra bright LED backlight to provide operation in direct sunshine, as well as ensuring long battery life. Also look for the HD15 addition to Boland’s lineup for HDTV post and utility applications.

Dolby PRM-4200Datavideo will show off their TLM-700HD monitor, a 7-inch HD/SD-SDI color field display with sunshade and a NTSC/PAL auto-detect feature. The TLM-700HD’s adjustment features now include an internal color bar, color temperature, color select and a blue-only display mode.

Dolby has entered the CRT-replacement sweepstakes with their impressive 42-inch PRM-4200 professional reference monitor that renders true black levels and highly accurate dark detail. The PRM-4200 boasts 1,500 independently controlled RGB LED triads and comes with support for 3D LUTs to emulate the response of various film print stocks during the digital intermediate color correction process.

The LM-2461W 24-inch affordable Grade 1 broadcast monitor will be introduced by Flanders Scientific, and is equipped with a native 10-bit LCD panel and has 3 Gbps/HD/SD SDI capability as a standard feature. The LM-2461W is capable of producing 1.073 billion colors and comes equipped with 12 different on -creen scopes.

Ikegami will exhibit its line of multiformat HD 16:9 LCD monitors including the “50” series with 1920x1080 pixel 10-bit resolution in 17-, 24-, and 32-inch models, and also the “04” series of affordable 17-inch and compact 9-inch monitors. The company’s HLM-1704WR includes a built-in waveform/vectorscope display, while their HLM-904WR and portable HLM-920WPA dual rackmountable 16:9 monitors support AC, DC and battery operation. All monitors feature a wide viewing angle, high brightness and contrast, quick motion response, and superb color reproduction.

The new DT-V24G11Z Vérité G-Series studio monitor from JVC has a full 1080p image display that offers a much wider color gamut and wider viewing angles than previous models, and now includes a vectorscope feature along with its waveform monitor. JVC’s DT-V24G11Z is 3G/Dual Link-ready for monitoring 60 frame/2.97 Gbps uncompressed 1080p digital video input signals.

Marshall Electronics V-LC D70XP-HDMIPT

Panasonic’s BT-LH 910 9-inch monitor
Marshall Electronics touts its V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT as the world’s first camera-top monitor with integrated HDMI loop-through, allowing the camera operator pass the HDMI video input from the V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT to another monitor for clients, director, focus puller, or other crew/talent production unit members. The 7-inch monitor is optimized for DSLR shoots and comes with Marshall’s own false color and peaking filters.

Panasonic is launching the BT-LH910, a new 9-inch LCD monitor for field and studio applications, featuring a new high brightness, high contrast IPS panel that affords the best picture quality in its class; newly developed 3D assist functions; professional interfaces including HDMI and 3G-SDI; and 1280x768 WXGA pixel resolution, the highest in the 9-inch and under professional LCD monitor category. The monitor can be used on-camera as an electronic viewfinder, on location, and in mobile or live settings.

Calling it their “most powerful and affordable” 7-inch 3 Gbps-ready monitor, Plura Broadcast will unveil their new PBM-207-3G Plura Precision Broadcast LCD series displays with auto calibration, 2x auto detect HD-SDI, SD (3 Gbps/1.485 Gbps/270Mbps), dual tally lights for viewfinder applications, V-mount and Anton/Bauer battery options. Also look for the new BM-3G Plura Precision Broadcast LCD Series with Grade A LCD panel and support for 3 Gbps 1080P/60p video.

Sony OLE D BVM-E monitorSony is sure to make a splash with its two new OLED monitors, the 17-inch and 25-inch reference grade BVM-E Series, designed to stand in for legacy CRT displays. As the first monitors to deliver full HD resolution from OLED panels with 10-bit drivers, the BVM-E Series uses a newly developed Sony Professional Display Engine, along with Sony’s “Super Top Emission” technology, to achieve high light efficiency, great color purity, a wide contrast range, along with high reliability.

The new RLM 1024W HD 24-inch 10-bit full HD monitor from Tamuz Broadcast has 3G/HD/SD-SDI capability, along with DVI/HDMI inputs. It features internal high-end processing and de-interlacing. The company’s Sparrowhawk-2 Series of monitors is available in sizes ranging from 20-inches up to 82-inches, and is constructed around a newly designed family of 10-bit/120Hz LCD panels supporting signals up to 2536 x2048.

Transvideo will mark the U.S. debut of its CineMonitorHD 3DView all-in-one field monitor for stereographers. The monitor includes all the necessary features to make 3D pictures easily when shooting with HD-SDI cameras. Available in 10-, 12- and 15-inch sizes, the CineMonitorHD 3DView series benefits from a patented genlock analyzer, and two HDMI and two HD-SDI inputs.

The new VFM-056W/WP from TVLogic features an exclusive enhanced resolution (1280X800) 5.6-inch LED-backlit LCD panel housed in a durable lightweight magnesium alloy case. TVLogic’s VFM-056 is offered in two versions [basic W and premium WP] with a wide range of professional features, including waveform/vectorscope displays, an HDMI-to-HDSDI loop-out, focus assist and audio level metering/monitoring. Also check out the company’s new TDM-243W 24-inch and TDM-473W 47-inch 2D/3D LCD monitors that feature a micro-polarizing filter attached to the LCD panel in concert with circular polarizing 3D glasses for seamless 2D or 3D viewing.

TVLogic’s VFM -056W/WP 5.6-inch monitor

Wohler AMP2-16V
Wohler will present major functional enhancements to its flagship AMP2-16V audio/video processing monitor, the AMP2-16V Series. The feature set now includes support for SMPTE 2020 metadata monitoring and a menu lockout function.