Metaglue Showcases IMF Products at SMPTE 2015

LEXINGTON, MASS.—Metaglue Corporation has unveiled a pair of updated versions for MXF and IMF technology at SMPTE 2015. Among the company’s new tech are the new Masterview V3.1 and MXFixer V3.3.

The Masterview V3.1 is an MXF player for a broadcast environment. It includes features like slate overview, multiple caption preview, metadata listing, loudness, waveform, and audio level meters. Some new features include on screen rendering of World Systems Teletext for multiple language character sets. The latest version also supports the Contour Design Shuttle Pro or Shuttle Xpress controllers.

Metaglue’s MXFixer V3.3 can be used for file creation, caption insertion, repair and analysis. It can also be used to insert .scc, .mcc and .stl captions directly into MXF files. In addition, the MXFixer can edit metadata, perform hex editing, and provide interpretation of MXF structure and standard and custom metadata. The enterprise version of the MXFixer includes the FixerScript language, which has built-in support multiple application specifications and allows users to write their own FixerScripts to test, process and modify MXF files.

These products are on display at Metaglue’s booth (403) at SMPTE 2015, which is currently underway in Los Angeles.