Meet Robots Sophia and Professor Einstein at IBC 2017

LONDON—There will be two new attendees at IBC 2017, the humanlike robots Sophia and Professor Einstein created by Dr. David Hanson, Ph.D, founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics.

Sophia and Dr. David Hanson

Sophia is the latest robot from Hanson Robotics, possessing human-like expressions and an evolving intelligence that reportedly enables her to converse and build relationships. Professor Einstein is a personal robot from Hanson Robotics and Andy Rifkin, a toy inventor, to serve as a teaching tool modeled after Albert Einstein that can play educational games, share scientific facts and answer questions on a set of topics.

Dr. Hanson, Sophia and Professor Einstein will take part in “Tech Talks Keynote: The Future with Robots that Are Like Us” to discuss how robotics and artificial intelligence are looking to become a more prevalent part of people’s lives. The session will take place on Sept. 17.