Lynx Technik Launching Yellobrik MADI at 2016 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—Lynx Technik will debut three new Yellobrik MADI (Multichannel Audio Digital Interface) fiber optical-to-MADI coaxial converters and transceivers at the 2016 NAB Show. They will also demo an enhanced version of their Testor Lite handheld test signal generator.

The three new Yellobriks are the OBD 1210 Bi-Directional MADI Optical to Coax Converter/Transceiver Pair, the OTR 1210/OTR 1210 MM (multi-mode) MADI Optical to Coax Converter Transceiver that combines a fiber transmitter and receiver in a single package, and the OTR 1240 MADI Optical to Coax Converter/Transceiver for CWDM wavelengths.

All the new converters perform very long cable runs in real-time with zero degradation of signal quality—up to 10 Km (6.2 miles) with standard fiber models, and up to 40 Km (24.8 miles) with the CWDM fiber model. They convert up to 64 audio channels bi-directionally (64 in and 64 out) between MADI Optical and MADI Coaxial (electrical) formats.

Testor Lite’s new features are genlock input and independent text overlay for each output. Each test pattern output—two are provided—can be configured to support a variety of overlays, including user-defined scrolling or static text.

The 2016 NAB Show takes place in Las Vegas, April 18-21. Lynx Technikwill be in booth SL9327. For more information, visit

Claudia Kienzle