Linear Acoustic to Feature Audio Processing, AoIP at CCW

NEW YORK—At CCW next week, Linear Acoustic plans to showcase its latest products for audio processing and Audio over IP. Among the products the company plans to show are the AERO.soft enterprise class TV audio processor and AERO.10 DTV audio processor.

The AERO.soft features the same processing engines as Linear Acoustic’s AERO.100, 1000, and 2000, with an optional Dolby coding while also supporting the AoIP transition. It features customizable I/O, audio and loudness control and logging. The AERO.soft engine can host eight AEROMAX 5.1 or AEROMAX 2.0 processing instances.


Meanwhile, the AERO.10 is an audio processor supporting up to 10 channels of PCM audio via AES, SDI or stereo analog I/O. It also comes with the same AERO.100, 1000 and 2000 processing engine. Tools include AEROMAX loudness and dynamics control, UPMAX II automatic upmixing and downmixing algorithms, as well as ITU and EBU compliant loudness metering and logging. Downloadable 7.5 day rolling and event-based logs include multiple ITU-R BS.1770-3 loudness measurements, as well as true peak values.

The Linear booth, located at stand 1402, will also feature several AoIP products from Telos Alliance partners. This includes PathfinderPRO, the xNode product family, and xSelector. The IP-Audio Driver PC software, which allows multiple channels of stereo PC audio to be sent to and from Axia networks, and the iProbe Audio Network management software will also be on hand.

CCW will take place from Nov. 11-12 in New York. For more information, visit