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OmniBus will show the latest version of iTX at IBC2008, which combines all the functions of a conventional transmission chain in a single, integrated suite of software applications. iTX 1.2 delivers new features including schedule preview; Omneon reference file support that allows content to be read directly from Omneon servers and played out by iTX; multiple language support with instant language track reassignment and support for Omneon language stacking; an exceptionally flexible audio engine with native Dolby surround encoding and input/output remapping; support for multi-regional breaks and opt-outs; automated insertion of evergreen content for disaster recovery; capabilities for newsflash and roll-under situations; closed captions; enhanced control of a wide range of external devices such as routers, VTRs, subtitlers and graphics systems; and live instant playback for news and sports programming.

Also new is OmniBus iTX NEWS and iTX Edit — the latter is an editing solution tailored to the demands of news and sports applications, with an emphasis on speed and ease of use. The most interesting aspect of iTX Edit is that it is not necessary to render the finished edit before it can be taken to air, as the iTX playback engine can render the EDL in real time, with vision and audio effects, stills and captions.

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