IMT Vislink Highlighting 4K, IP Products at 2019 NAB Show

LAS VEGAS—The 2019 NAB Show will be a chance for IMT Vislink to put a spotlight on several of its latest broadcast products, particularly those that focus on transmission. Among those the company has announced it will share are the HCAM 4K Wireless Video Transmitter, Vislink MDR series and the Advent satellite communications line.

Advent AirPro 75Ka

Advent AirPro 75Ka

The HCAM 4K is now capable of handling HD applications via its HEVC capability courtesy of a recent update. This provides improved reception and robustness and doubles the transmission range. There are also 4K transmission capabilities for things like sports, broadcasting and event coverage. Additional features include flexible, configurable mounting options and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls, which are compatible with iOS and Android apps.

New features for the Vislink MDR series incorporates the HCAM 4K transmitter to provide an ultra-compact and lightweight onboard transmission system. The systems can be used to capture live video at high speeds.

As part of its Advent satellite communications line, IMT Vislink will feature the Advent AirPro 75Ka, a single-button deployment IP satellite data terminal for use with Eutelsat’s Tooway service; the AirPro 75Ka also works alongside an updated Advent DVE6100 encoder and IRD6200 decoder. There is also the Advent NewSwift HD 240, a Eutelsat, Intelsat and Arabsat compliant roof mounted drive away antenna, and the Advent MSAT, a tri-band satellite terminal that can be set-up anywhere for secure and non-secure data and video transmission.

IMT Vislink will display all of these products at its booth, C6008, during the 2019 NAB Show. To register for the NAB Show, visit