IMF Roadshow Back for 2017

MONUMENT, COLO.—MediAnswers' crash course in IMF is heading back out onto the road in 2017 after what has been described as a successful first run in 2016. MediAnswers, along with partners Mesclado, Tedial, Diversified, and specific sponsors at the program’s stops, is providing a one-day seminar designed to get participants up to speed on what IMF is and how it can help users to thrive in the new realm of file-based workflows.

“IMF: Unleashing the Benefits of File-Based Content” is an interactive experience that looks to provide an overall standing of the IMF standard; a focus on specific aspects of IMF; and a focus on the business and technical fundamentals required to use the IMF standard. MediAnswers says that course participants will gain an understanding of the basics of interoperability and versioning problems using IMF.

The one-day seminar will make three stops across the U.S. during from Feb. 14-17. Its first stop will be in Washington D.C. on Feb. 14 and will be hosted by PBS. It will then travel to New York on Feb. 15 for a session hosted by ANA. The tour will then wrap up with a program in Los Angeles hosted by Fox on Feb. 17.

Registration for a full-day seminar is $299 per person, or $285 for SMPTE or ACIE members. Deadline for registration is a week before each seminar.