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IEEE BTS Nabs Mark Aitken as Keynote Speaker

PISCATAWAY, N.J.—Mark Aitken, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s vice president of advanced technology, is joining the roster of keynote speakers for the upcoming 2016 IEEE Broadcast Symposium. On Oct. 13, Aitken will headline the “So You Think You’re a ‘Televisioner’” session that will look to challenge assumptions about OET69, offering insight into broadcaster’s opportunities to maintain relevance with services that extend beyond conventional TV broadcasting.

“Spectrum… reverse auction… forward auction… channel of allocations… repack. These are all familiar terms for many of us, but there’s a resounding question that we should all be asking our company leadership, right now: ‘So what are we doing when we restart broadcasting with NextGen?’” said Aitken. “In this session, we will explore the new tools and assumptions that begin to shape an understanding of the QoS realities for NextGen broadcasting, the impact that has on business assumptions, and the humorous perspectives I’ve gained after enjoying a career of 40-plus years.”

The IEEE BTS previously announced Pilot Executive Director John Clark to serve as a keynote speaker during its conference.

IEEE BTS is set to take place from Oct. 12-14 in Hartford, Conn. More information is available here.