IBC: Xytech Joins Advanced Media Workflow Association

AMSTERDAM—Management software developer Xytech is the newest member of the Advanced Media Workflow Association. AMWA is billed as a community-driven forum that works on advancing business-driven solutions for networked media workflows. Xytech said in its announcement that it joined AMWA to keep its systems interoperable with all media workflows.

One of AMWA’s developments is the Networked Media Open Specifications. Xytech uses these specifications to monitor and manage devices within each media company’s network. The specifications enable vendors’ equipment and software to advertise themselves on the network the same way.

As part of AMWA, Xytech customers will be able to manage and monitor node interactions to introduce real-time accuracy to invoicing and billing with real-time dashboard reporting.

“With the work of the AMWA and the NMOS incubator project, Xytech understands the future is IP-based solutions as they offer broadcasters the flexibility to explore new business models, maintain top-of-the-line networks and add new capabilities without proprietary lock-ins or having to rebuild networks,” said Daniel Lynch, Xytech vice president of broadcast services.

With the addition of Xytech, AMWA reports that 11 media companies and 60 vendors are currently participating in its workstreams.