Eyeheight Shows New Safe-Area Graticule Generator

(click thumbnail)Eyeheight SA-2U 4:4:4 safe-area graticule generatorThree additions to the Eyeheight range of compact modular broadcast production and post-production equipment will be introduced at the NAB Show. Eyeheight’s new SA-2U is a 4:4:4 dual-linkable graticule/safe-area and blanking generator. It generates safe action graticules, safe title and center markers (short and full screen) for all common TV and film formats. It is designed for SD, HD-SDI multidefinition (single-link) and SD, HD-SDI and 2K ultraDef (dual-link) post-production applications.

Eyeheight will also showcase its AS-2MD multidefinition audio shuffler, which simplifies the task of re-assigning embedded audio channels within an HD-SDI or SD-SDI feed. A second input allows embedded audio to be extracted from one feed and added to alternative video from another. It also enables audio breakaway of any source if installed on an HD-SDI router. A preview output is also provided.

Eyeheight will also feature the LI-1DM, a compact multidefinition logo inserter with dual independent logo generators and dual independent keyers. The LI-1DM allows HD or SD logos to be uploaded to flash memory, monitored and controlled via Ethernet. Each channel can accommodate logos in any common format including 1080i, 1080p25, 1080p30, 720p 625 and 525. Up to 1 million pixels can be stored per channel.