Best of Show Up Close: Cineo Lighting Lightblade Edge

“Best of Show Up Close” is a series about nominees and winners in the annual Future Best of Show at NAB award program.

We spoke with Rich Pierceall, vice president if LED operations at Cineo Lighting, which was a Best of Show winner with its LightBlade Edge lighting system.

TV TECHNOLOGY:Tell us about the LightBlade Edge lighting system, what does it offer broadcasters?

RICH PIERCEALL: The LightBlade Edge system is a high-output linear soft light system that offers all of the benefits of Cineo’s larger fixtures, The Edge Blades are available in two lengths, 2-feet and 4-feet, both with 80 watts of output power. Modular mounting systems support multiple Edge Blades to be ganged into larger fixtures.The big advantage to broadcasters is that extremely high-quality, high-output light sources can now be configured to fit in a variety of confined spaces, particularly low-ceiling environments such as newsrooms and office/bureaus. We have also seen the LightBlade Edge used in ring-of-fire applications, and circular configurations used to light swing stages.

TVT:What is it about LightBlade Edge that sets it apart from similar offerings?

RP: The LightBlade Edge products have a higher lumen density than any other linear production lighting fixture: up to 8,000 lumens per Blade. They deliver Cineo's high-CRI variable white light spectrum and include a REC.2020 saturated color engine, with both local and DMX/RDM control.

TVT:Has the LightBlade Edge been used by any major productions as of yet?

RP: Yes. Several broadcast installations have specified the LightBlade Edge system, including the new Comcast broadcast facility in Philadelphia. LightBlade Edge units have been used on many feature and episodic productions for NBCUniversal, as well as streaming services and other networks.

TVT:What does it cost? Is it shipping?

RP: The LightBlade Edge series starts at $995 USD list. The flexibility of configuration allows it to be configured in a wide range of sizes and prices.

TVT:What else should we know about LightBlade Edge or Cineo in general?

RP: Over six years ago, Cineo Lighting was started by a small team of lighting professionals, focused on changing the way LED technology could be effectively applied to production lighting. NBCUniversal acquired Cineo Lighting in June of this year. The Cineo brand, its products and staff are all remaining intact, and in fact we are now able to accelerate our efforts to provide even more tools and techniques to help production professional tell their stories.