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Raycom Media, one of the largest U.S. TV broadcast groups, has selected the HarrisSelenio media convergence platform to exclusively upgrade over-the-air digital broadcast signal encoding services at 43 TV stations. The transition will deliver new efficiencies for Raycom, including improved HD/SD signal quality, higher channel capacity and stronger signal redundancy to maximize on-air reliability.

Selenio provides a unique hybrid of digital baseband video processing, compression and IP capabilities within its single, space- and energy-efficient platform. Raycom Media will take advantage of that flexibility by also using Selenio for video/audio frame synchronization and 5.1 audio processing — automatically “upmixing” 2.0 stereo signals to digital surround sound.

Raycom Media chose Selenio based on its robust encoding performance, upgrade-friendly design and ability to perform multiple functions in a single platform. The broadcaster also chose Selenio due to its long-term experience with the Harris NetVX encoding platform, which will endure in standby mode at all stations for maximum signal redundancy.

Harris will deploy the orders within 90 days, providing fast-track shipments to get all stations on the air quickly with Selenio. The speedy accommodation resonates with Raycom Director of Engineering Bob Thurber, who stresses that Harris has an excellent customer support track record with Raycom Media.

Raycom chose Selenio foremost for technology reasons, but the reliable and consistent customer support model from Harris is also a big factor in a critical operation like the air chain.