IBC2012 continuing coverage

Social media application

Chyron SHOUT

Stand-alone software application enables broadcasters to bring social media commentary into their live broadcasts quickly and easily; gives one or more users the ability to monitor, select, adjust and route social media conversations to broadcast graphics systems either for on-air playback or for storage as data files for later use; multiple instances of SHOUT running across a facility can be used simultaneously by different staff members to view content and moderate the same playback list.


Stand: 7.D11

MPEG video monitor line

Wohler DVM series

MPEG video monitor line includes three new additions; the DVM-5210 is a 5RU system with two 10in screens; the DVM-4290 is a 4RU system with two 9in screens; the DVM-3270 is a 3RU system with two 7in screens; all of the DVM MPEG monitors — including the DVM-2443 with four 4.3in screens shown here — provide convenient at-a-glance monitoring of program content from 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and MPEG-2/4 ASI and Ethernet IP streams.


Stand: 10.A10

Loudness correction system

NUGEN Audio LM-Correct

Provides an automatic method of quickly conforming audio to current loudness standards; can be used as a solution for loudness correction, fixing audio that has not been mixed with loudness standards in mind, or in conjunction with a real-time loudness meter to fine tune audio mixed to loudness requirements from the outset; can also be used to ensure that finished files are within specification and performing an in-place fix where errors are found.


Stand: 8.D29

Roaming pedestal series
Ross Video CamBot

Consists of the 500 series with a 70lb load capacity, 600 series with a 125lb load capacity and 700 series with 200lb load capacity; designed to be robust, durable and precise studio workhorses; optical pattern recognition technology guarantees fast and accurate targeting; high-resolution servos in the 700 series are engineered to provide the ultimate in smoothness and control.


Stand: 9.C10

Quad-channel multistandard HD encoder

Thomson Video Networks ViBE EM4000

Developed for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IPTV applications; designed to provide optimized compression performance, greater flexibility and density, and, with its capacity for four channels within a single 1RU chassis, a consumption of only 70W of energy for each channel; uses the latest generation of the company’s Mustang compression technology to deliver efficiency improvement of 15 percent or more when encoding in MPEG-AVC, freeing up bandwidth that allows broadcasters to run an extra channel per multiplex or transponder.


Stand: 14.A10

Content creation and editing software
Avid DS 11

Editing, graphics creation, color correction and compositing software; new features include hands-on color correction with Avid Artist Color integration, expanded file format and hardware support, 16 channels of embedded audio, and total conform to Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6; designed to enable users to maximize creativity and enhance productivity through more integrated, flexible workflows.


Stand: 7.J20

Live graphics system
Harris Inscriber G8

Built for high-end graphics creation; provides uncompressed imagery, as well as unprecedented graphics and animation capabilities; offers real-time creation and execution of the high-caliber, complex 3D graphics and animations that today’s live news, sports and special events demand; uses an Intel Xeon E5 processor and NVIDIA Quadro 4000 GPU to reduce channel hardware density for a greatly reduced footprint (2RU), lower power consumption, and improved performance and clip playback scalability.


Stand: 7.G20

Video player for mobile devices

Haivision Instream Mobile

Low latency video player for mobile devices; extends the company’s Furnace IP video system to deliver live, high-performance video to Apple devices within the enterprise setting; InStream Mobile app is available from the Apple iTunes App Store.


Stand: 14.107

Interference and direction analyzer
Narda Safety Test Solutions IDA-3106

Now offers a special Max Hold algorithm for localizing unknown sources with a horizontal scan; records up to 400 compressed individual spectra for the spectrogram display and shows the signal strength in color; features the ability to save spectra as reference traces and display the current spectrum as a difference or delta spectrum; designed for outdoor use; can now be switched for optimum visibility in daylight, normal lighting or darkness; weighs less than 3kg including battery.


Stand: 8.A04

Audio mixer software
Blackmagic Design

Adds a built-in audio mixer into the ATEM 2 M/E Production Switcher; audio embedded within SDI and HDMI video inputs, from the switcher’s two media players or from the external audio input, can be mixed for output over both SDI and HDMI program outputs; software interface provides level and balance control for each input; users can either set audio to follow video or perform a direct mix.


Stand: 7.H20

Loudness correction system
Miranda Intelligent Automatic Loudness Correction (ALC)

Includes monitoring, logging and correction using real-time processing during the playout workflow; uses information fed from a broadcaster’s traffic system to identify whether content has been corrected already; uses segment-aware loudness monitoring and logging, which has been added to Miranda’s Kaleido series multiviewers and is used in conjunction with Miranda’s iControl system.


Stand 8.D41

Fiber-optic KVM extender

Matrox Avio

Ideal for graphics-intensive design, visual effects and editing applications; lets users separate the computer from the working environment and place it in a secure, climate-controlled machine room; consists of a transmitter and receiver pair that captures dual digital video, keyboard, mouse, analog stereo audio and USB signals from the host system and extends them uncompressed up to 2000m over a single fiber-optic cable.


Stand: 7.B29

Sports graphics system

Provides fast preparation of sports highlight clips to better visualize critical plays, the flow of the game and post-game analysis; new features include virtual camera flights between two real cameras, erasing players from the field while the video is still running, viewing a play as it is drawn on the coach’s drawing board, comparing the position and technique of individual athletes, drawing a specific player in color on top of a black-and-white background, and breaking down a play into a sequence of frames to better analyze the player’s movements.


Stand: 7.B27

Software update
Pilat Media IBMS:OnDemand

New automated metadata and media preparation workflow accelerates process of acquiring and preparing content and building subsequent offers; enables IBMS to automatically import metadata for large volumes of content, check and retrieve missing metadata from information suppliers, drive transcoders to prepare media for distribution, and create and place offers in the service navigation menu based on metadata values such as genre, resolution and cast.


Stand: 2.B30

Live streaming system
Digital Rapids StreamZ Live Broadcast

Integrated multiscreen and broadcast live encoder combines multiformat output versatility and quality with robust features for the unique demands of broadcast, cable, telco and satellite television operations; features simultaneous H.264 or MPEG-2 encoding for broadcast applications and multiformat encoding, including adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming, for multiscreen streaming on platforms including mobile phones, tablets, PCs, IPTV, OTT services and more.


Stand: 7.F33, 14.351

Video service monitoring
Mariner xVu

End-to-end service assurance system reduces operational costs for multiscreen TV networks by providing help desk, field technicians and customers with tools for managing TV quality; based on SOM approach that accurately monitors entire delivery chain from headend to set-top box; user-friendly, software-based interfaces allow providers to view subscribers’ service performance to identify and isolate service issues.


Stands: 14.521, 14.524

LCD production monitor
Panasonic BT-LH2170

Ultra-rugged 21.5in LCD production monitor offers a 3D look-up table producing faithful color hues and smooth gradation; a production-tough aluminum die-cast chassis and 12V DC operation make it ideal for field use; features an eco-friendly panel with mercury-free LED backlight; provides critical viewing with 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution; the monitor’s high brightness, high contrast, horizontally-aligned IPS panel has 178-degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles.


Stand: 9.D35

MADI card series
Cobalt Digital 9374-EMDE Quad Stream

The SDI- AES- MADI card series has been designed for OB environments; provides a full unrestricted audio crosspoint that allows channel routing between any channels on up to four SDI steams, discrete AES-3ID and AES-10 MADI interfaces; uses standard 1694A cabling, thus eliminating the need for fiber; allows up to 250m MADI receive capability with no signal degradation.


Stand: 10.B27

Production server

Built on EVS’ unique loop recording technology; with its dual broadcasting and IT networking capabilities, the XS makes recorded media instantly and directly available throughout the production network for simultaneous preview, rough editing, archiving, playback or post production; can be configured with six full 3-D/1080p channels (3G/dual link); can be configured in SpotBox mode to be controlled by third-party systems.


Stand: 8.B90


Sencore MRD 4400

Designed to be a cost-effective SD decoder capable of being upgraded to HD via a software license; supports decoding for either MPEG-2 or H.264, along with up to four audio services; the increased audio handling capability allows distributors to meet descriptive video requirements, while continuing to support surround or alternate language services; supports satellite, ASI and IP inputs; allows operators to demodulate, de-encapsulate, encapsulate and decode simultaneously for local processing and re-encode requirements.


Stand: 1.F56

Portable CWDM remapper/multiplexer
MultiDyne FS-6000

Transports up to six digital optical or six SDI signals over a single fiber, allowing users to transport additional signals easily in situations where there are an insufficient amount of available fibers; enables users to input any digital optical signal, with a data rate of up to 4.25Gb/s, to be received and retransmitted at a CWDM wavelength and launched into the CWDM multiplexer; at the other end of the link, the signal is then demultiplexed and restored, eliminating the need for wavelength-specific units in CWDM applications.


Stand: 9.A06

Media reader
Sonnet Technologies Qio E3

Three-slot SxS memory card reader doubles as a bus expansion system for ExpressCard/34 adapter cards; provides the ability to transfer data concurrently from three SxS cards for Sony XDCAM EX professional HD camcorders with an aggregate ingest speed up to 400MB/s; OS X- and Windows-compatible; connects to a computer through an included ExpressCard or PCIe 2.0 interface adapter card.


Stand: 7.602

Merging Technologies Horus

Uses Ravenna technology; allows users to interconnect their entire facility using nothing more than a standard RJ45 connector; once in Ravenna mode, Horus becomes a node on a network, one that can be instantly called to be an input, an output or a combination of both; uses standard network connections, switches and connectors; contains high-quality microphone pre-amplifiers, AES/EBU and MADI conversion in both directions with full remote control of all the parameters.


Stand: 8.E96

Enhanced ingest application
Tedial Capture

Provides full control of a wide range of VTRs and other devices; the latest version includes scheduling features and multiple-device control such as MOG mxfSpeedrail, Omneon and K2 servers; supports industry-standard protocols for routers; features a source scheduler application; this enables operators to schedule, access and plan work around any current or future ingest feed.


Stand: 8.B41

AV description
Softel Swift ADePT

Based on the Swift Create subtitle and closed-caption preparation system; is dedicated to the creation and playout of audio description; allows broadcasters to increase audience reach by providing access to content for visually impaired viewers; offers an end-to-end approach, comprising an efficient solution for all formats of audio or video description from creation to playout.


Stand: 1.A27

Stereoscopic color corrector

Eyeheight CC-3D

Designed for use in broadcast content acquisition, post-production and playout centers; combines the features of a stereoscopic color corrector and legalizer in a single unit; allows unified control of both channels of a stereoscopic 3-D pair; the unit’s adjustable color correction parameters include R, G, B and master gain and lift, as well as selectable master or individual R, G and B gamma control with overall luma, chroma gain, hue rotation and black level.


Stand: 8.B97

Production suite
Autocue Production Suite

Standalone live production system combines several components into a single cost-effective system; features include a vision and audio mixer, a playback device, a still store, a caption generator, a picture-in-picture processor, a chromakey processor, a logo/bug/ticker inserter, an output recorder and a multiviewer; provides designated video inputs for live sources, designated audio inputs and internal players, as well as processing to provide various graphic, effect, transition, mixing and switching operations; also features designated outputs to provide synchronized audio and video for preview and program feeds.


Stand: 11.F34

MPEG TS monitor
Mediaproxy LogServer IP

Offers native TS logging, MPEG streaming and playback; enables search, playback and analysis of both decrypted and encrypted transport streams’ sources; comes with Monwall IP, the next-generation multiviewer client, providing live MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 streaming and comprehensive TS event monitoring; intuitive configuration and user interfaces allow for easy setup of any system; compliant with all loudness regulations.


Stand: 7.J07


Grass Valley EDIUS Elite

Designed to provide interoperability with the K2 Summit platform and GV STRATUS, enabling fast-turn production in environments such as news and studios; based on EDIUS Pro 6.5; has native support for raw footage captured with digital cinematography cameras, including those from RED Digital, as well as 3-D editing tools and 3-D workflow support.


Stands: 1.D11 and 1.E02

Production platform
Primestream FORK 3.5

Improvements to FORK’s underlying technology — such as FORK Drones, dynamic metadata forms and scripts — increase the software’s stability, reliability and functionality; can manage larger installations more efficiently and operate within today’s workflows for multiscreen delivery; its FORK Xchange Suite companion application is the Web portal into the FORK environment and gives broadcasters and media enterprises instant Internet access to content when and where they need it.


Stand: 7.D21

Audio console
Artemis Light

Newest member of the Artemis family of audio consoles; console introduces a new compact processing rack dedicated to delivering digital signal processing and routing capabilities in a 4U enclosure; like all Artemis consoles, Artemis Light incorporates Bluefin2 high-density signal processing and Hydra2 networking technologies in the same compact yet powerful and scalable control surface used by Artemis Shine and Beam; employing the same hardware and software architecture, Artemis Light can be fully integrated with any existing Hydra2 network.


Stand: 8.C58

TS adapter

Supports multistream (any input to any output), remultiplexing and flexible format conversion; enables operators to flexibly repackage and deliver video content to multiple end points; ideal for broadcast service providers that offer television contribution and distribution services, IP network operators offering managed video services, and satellite network operators for contribution to satellite uplink sites.


Stand: 1. B71

Portable HD camera
Ikegami HDK-97A

Part of the company’s new Unicam line of multiformat HD cameras; provides 3G-SDI 1080/50p performance; new 16-bit portable HD companion-camera supports not only 1080i/720p, but also 3G signals such as 1080/50p 4:2:2 and 1080/50i 4:4:4; employs advanced new progressive AIT CCD imagers and an all-new digital video processing system; delivers a choice of 1080/50p 4:2:2 or 1080/50i 4:4:4 color sampling; designed for traditional multi-camera production applications; also features a 3G fiber-transmission system from the camera head to its (also new) CCU; transmission options include an HD-SDI QTV signal for teleprompter use and an HD-SDI “trunk channel” that allows for connection of a second camera that doesn’t have its own built-in fiber transmission system.


Stand: 11.A31

LIVE Production control system
Hi Tech Systems AViTA

Designed to capture, edit and play out media from multiple sources easily and quickly; uses the latest touch-screen technology and modular hardware panels to allow multiple users to access multiple server ports over a network; latest versions are AViTA Sports and a Multi-Camera Record and Review application; its engine comprises the core of the system and provides sophisticated video clip management tools with shared databases, multiple play lists and enhanced search facilities.


Stand: 10.A49

Note: Stand numbers are provided by IBC and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.