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Videssence develops adjustable beam LED light

Videssence, based in El Monte, CA, is now offering its new ExceLED 225 LED fixture with adjustable beam spread that provides an alternative to high wattage (225 watts) “nine lights.” Sized at 24.47” x 21.88” x 4.65”, the new LED light provides a long throw and high light levels, which are ideal for large production studios and broadcast news sets.

When used in spot mode with daylight LEDs, the ExceLED 225 “Nine Light” provides over 200 footcandles of brightness at 50 degrees. The fixture is energy efficient, when compared to many “quartz nine lights” that use 5850 watts to produce almost half the light at the same distance.

The Videssence ExceLED 225 also provides a concentrated beam of light with even coverage of consistent 3200K light (5600K optional) capability. Additional control can be achieved with the gel frame and spread lens accessory options. The 30,000-hour life is achieved through precision heat sink design and optimum driving of the LED’s.

All units are provided standard with power cord and your choice of c-clamp or stand adapter. An adjustable mounting yoke allows rotation for ease of focus and can be locked into place. It may be ordered in dim and non-dim configurations.v