USDTV, LG Electronics/LG Innotek Partner

Salt Lake City--U.S. Digital Television (USDTV), an over-the-air subscription TV service, has announced a technology partnership with LG Electronics and LG Innotek to supply fifth-generation 8-VSB chips and ATSC tuners for use in USDTV's set-top boxes.
LG’s digital television (DTV) reception technology, developed and tested with its U.S. subsidiary, Zenith, is designed to significantly enhance terrestrial broadcast digital reception capacity and strengthen viewing potential in difficult reception areas, such as in apartments and urban areas.
USDTV will begin to include the LG components in set-top-boxes planned for shipments beginning in Q4 of 2004.
"LG’s chip advances will make over-the-air digital TV reception easier for millions of viewers, and this is a critical milestone for our company and our broadcast partners," said Steve Lindsley, chairman and chief executive officer of U.S. Digital Television. "The continued evolution of reception technology, coupled with tremendous improvements in compression and storage, will help broadcasters compete for pay-TV revenues well into the future."
"USDTV will be the first broadcast service company in the U.S. to benefit from our advanced digital reception technology," said Young-Ho Hur, chief executive officer of LG Innotek. "We expect ever greater demand for this unique chip-set that will enable subscribers to enjoy the full benefits of high-definition and digital TV viewing, in addition to extending broadcast service areas."
"We have tested the viability of 8-VSB DTV demodulation technology for years and are pleased by the substantial reception improvements in LG’s new fifth-generation chips," said Nat Ostroff, vice president, New Technology, Sinclair Broadcast Group. "The incorporation of this technology into the USDTV service will be a great benefit to both broadcasters and consumers, especially those in urban, hilly or indoor reception environments."