The Multicast Challenge Tackled at IBC2013

IBC 2013 will devote two action-filled, information-packed days for this year’s key theme "From Broadcast to Multicast." The events will feature industry heavyweights examining how well the broadcast industry is adapting to a multicast environment, and opinion on how it is planning to cope in the future.

For example, one key event is ‘In Conversation with…Tony Wang’, the UK’s General Manager for Twitter. This 140-word messaging service is a remarkable new outlet for media-related communications, and appears destined to have a major impact on TV ratings. Twitter raises the question: Should broadcasters rely on social media to tell them about what audiences want?

Another session entitled ‘The Future of TV is Already Here and Four Start-ups are Delivering It’ brings together an expert panel of four startup CEOs. They will share insights from their practical experience in delivering next-generation television to audiences – and what broadcasters can learn from these lessons.

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