Snell & Wilcox and TransMedia Dynamics deliver MXF-based solution

Snell & Wilcox and TransMedia Dynamics have developed a new partnership which combines two separate products to create a powerful and standards-compliant ingest and management solution for digital content.

The Snell & Wilcox Ingest Station is being coupled with TMD's Mediaflex management system to provide the ability to ingest and digitise media in a variety of formats, and manage both the process and the resulting files as part of a wider digital workflow.

The integration supports the use of the MXF file and metadata format.

The BBC has chosen the Ingest Station/Mediaflex integration as part of a pilot deployment within One Vision, its technology project designed to implement a tapeless environment which will streamline production, encourage collaborative working, and allow flexible delivery of content across a variety of delivery channels.

Channel 4 will use the Ingest Station/Mediaflex integration for archival purposes. The content on these tapes will be ingested, digitized, and stored onto LTO data tapes in MXF format, with metadata being recorded in the MXF file wrapper.

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